Craig Bierko (@MrCraigBierko) Says The Funniest Thing That Anyone Has Ever Said

In the whole HISTORY of ever.

Who is Craig Bierko, you may ask?

Never mind him, we’ll get to him in a minute. First meet Lauren Hope Gentry.

20120505-084035.jpgLittle Lauren was born with a congenital heart defect, hypoplastic left heart syndrome [Shone’s Complex], and had her first surgery at only five days old that would hopefully allow her to lead a fairly normal life for a time:

It was believed that a heart transplant wouldn’t be necessary until Lauren became a young adult.

But last year, Lauren contracted H1N1 and her health deteriorated. Today, the young girl rests in her hospital bed every day waiting anxiously for a new heart. She’s on the top of the waiting list.

“Everyone is surprised it has been this long,” Gentry said. “The hospital staff is now like family.”

It has been 14 weeks of waiting. On a recent day at the Loma Linda hospital, Lauren, with her dirty blond hair pulled in a loose ponytail, whittled the time away by watching Dora the Explorer. Spongebob Squarepants, puzzles and coloring books also keep her company. Taped at the foot of her bed is a computer print-out of the family’s cocker spaniel, Sammy.

This was February 23 of 2011.

On March 3, the miracle occurred, little Lauren got her heart. Lauren’s mother was ecstatic!

20120505-092313.jpgMiracles do happen! I have seen them. The day I heard the words ” Mrs. Gentry we found a PERFECT heart” was March 3, 2011. Woohoo!! It’s funny you think you will act one way when you hear those words but to be honest I didn’t know how to act. Some of the words that come to mind are grateful, shock, joy, relief, praise, oh and by the way here comes the 9 hour surgery! Praise God Lauren did amazingly well. Again Miracels do happen!! This 1st year post transplant has been a year of ups and downs, but even with all the bumps HOPE feels our hearts and minds! As we just celebrated Lauren’s 1 yr heart birthday she is happy, healthy and just look in her eyes and you see a girl who knows she has a sparkly new heart. Possibilty, that is what Lauren has. Her future is wide open! Our hearts are forver knitted together with our donor family. I cannot thank them enough for saying YES!

Read Lauren’s whole story, as written by her mother. She credits “one amazing hospital”, the Loma Linda University Children’s hospital.

Which brings us back to that Craig guy. If I hadn’t seen this, I’d never have seen this:

If I’d never seen the above video, I’d never have met Lauren, and you might not have either. And you’d never have heard that you can help save a kid’s life by texting a $10 donation to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

So thanks Craig Bierko!

I think Craig’s a lawyer. Or something.



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