A peek into the heart of an Occupy anarchist

Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA

Sean Hannity at King of Prussia Mall, PA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve ever wondered “What’s it all about,” watch the clip below and you’ll know.

The clip starts with this kid Harrison Schultz, an “Occupy Organizer”, on MSNBC back on May 1 (May Day), where he responds to a question we don’t hear, saying “Anarchy isn’t easy, this is a lot of work…”

Work. Yeah, Sean Hannity goes on to question him and he begins claiming the NYPD sent rapists and criminals into the Occupy camps to make them look bad. Also thinks like defecating on cop cars is “very cliche” and “beyond not cool.” He says he’s 29 years old, and a former “Business Intelligence Analyst for a paperclip marketing company”. I wasn’t aware paperclips needed marketing, I thought they were just something you ran low on and subsequently bought more of.

At any rate, cutting to the chase, he admits right now he’s living on student loans. Guess he has a vested interest in making sure through the Occupy movement that he never has to pay them back the way most of us had to.

Yeah, Hannity goes off on the kid, it’d be hard not to if you’ve worked all you life.


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