@Spam reporting on Twitter works – and as with anything that works, leave it to a lib to abuse and break it

I’ve seen this happen repeatedly on Twitter: a conservative will fight back against an attack by a lib, and the lib will call in his/her friends who will in turn block and report the conservative for Spam. Or, yeah I’ve seen a conservative pick the fight too, and with the same result. That result being the conservative gets his/her account suspended. Seldom, if ever, the lib.

It happened again tonight (Sunday):

Just as with @FreeMarket_US last week, Twitter has suspended the account of conservative Chis Loesch. Chis is the husband of talk radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch and is very active on Twitter. Once again, Twitter’s reasons for suspending Chris’s account are not clear.

However, as @RBPundit and @lheal point out, it is likely due to liberals abusing Twitter’s system for reporting spam.

So if you follow the whole post, Chris got suspended, reinstated, then re-suspended, and for what? Defending his wife.

Chris’ wife is Dana Loesch, just a girl on Twitter who during the early days of TCOT ended up being such a well-spoken and fired-up person that people naturally followed her forward. In other words, the antithesis of what many in the Tea Party movement turned out to be – posers.

So, she met Andrew Breitbart on her way upward, and naturally has a big scarlet letter (or bulls eye) on her back, stuck there by the always caring liberal herd. She works for Breitbart’s “Big” site, as well as making appearances on CNN. BIG target.

The lib locusts even talk about Dana being raped:

Earlier this evening my husband, Chris Loesch, had his Twitter account suspended. There have been stories going around of conservatives getting suspended from Twitter over innocuous things while accounts like @KillZimmerman (an account which threatened to kill George Zimmerman) and other such accounts were left active for weeks. After a user remarked about me being raped and murdered, Chris and others defended me.

I’m used to it, it’s part of the territory of doing what I do, enduring hate like this daily. Unfortunately, some progressives disliked that Chris pushed back against it as well. His account was suspended, yet this individual’s account, and the account of those who say far worse to me and others, are left alone.

The side espousing  “tolerance” and “understanding”, and “can’t we all just get along?” sinks to these depths today.

They can’t get to her, it seems, without going after those she loves, in this case, her husband. Going after the family. Isn’t that just what Liberalism is all about, today? Thuggery, mob mentality, non-think or group-think. Even have to repeat everything they’re told, in the form of a chant, to make sure it’s properly drilled into their heads.

Yeah, this is your Democrat Party.


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  1. jonolan says:

    When the First Amendment is breached, it’s time for the Second Amendment to remedy the situation. Liberals might want to remember that, especially since even their children are valid tarrgets under the terms of total war.

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