Making Marines – A Drill Instructor Story – Part 1. Plus, teachers get to try it too

From the US Marines Facebook page:

Last year, more than 30,000 young Americans became U.S. Marines. They did it through the efforts of their drill instructors. Watch what it takes to make a Marine.

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Oh, and check out these teachers and counselors from Wisconsin who flew to California to experience Marine boot camp first hand:

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — When high school counselors tour colleges, they step into the shoes of a student. However, college isn’t the only option for graduates. Many are called to join the military. FOX6 News traveled with a group of educators as they stepped into the boots of Marines-in-training to get a glimpse of what boot camp is like.

While it takes years to become a teacher, it takes just 13 weeks to become a U.S. Marine. For three days, educators were able to experience first hand the extreme difference between the two sets of training.

Two teachers from Wilmot, one from Waterford, counselors from Racine and Cudahy, plus one Menomonee Falls principal went on the trip of a lifetime. They traveled into the field of Marine Corps boot camp. The mission was to experience first hand what it takes to earn the title ofU.S. Marine.

“The process essentially hasn’t changed in over 200 years, but there’s a lot of fallacies and misconceptions out there on how Marines are made, and what we do here on the dept. We need to educate the educators. They need to see what we’re really like. We’re not the stereotypical Marines that you might see in the movies,” Marine Sgt. Major Peter Siaw said.

Marines may be the country’s first line of defense, but teachers are on the front lines, helping the nation’s youth decide their future. “I’ve talked to every single student about what they’re looking for, and military is always an option,” Horlick High School counselor Kate Kulinski said. “It’s kind of hard to talk to them when you really don’t know exactly what it is they’re going to be doing,” Cudahy High School counselor Amy Oost said.

Read the rest to see if any of them lived-


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