Since “Change” really means “Fail” – What if I WANTED America to fail? How would I do it?

From a group called “Free Market America“,

The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact. And we’re here to challenge it. On Earth Day, visit

Who is Free Market America?

We’re Free Market America. 

Our mission is to defend economic freedom against environmental extremism. Since the 1960s, environmental regulation has skyrocketed by over 7,000 percent!  It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants clean water and clean air. But when it comes to environmental regulation, we’ve catapulted past commonsense.

The Small Business Administration  estimates that environmental regulation costs America’s economy over $281 billion – every year.  For a small business owner, the cost of regulation averages over $4,000 per worker.  Those costs get passed onto our nation’s consumers in the form of higher product costs and, inevitably, fewer jobs for working Americans.

How did we get here? 

Free Market America began as Free Market Florida.  In 2011, we began campaigning against the U.S. EPA’s so-called “Water Tax” – a Florida-focused measure that would’ve required the water in roadside drainage canals to meet the same standards as Florida’s pristine rivers and streams.  Economists estimated the “Water Tax” would’ve cost Florida’s farmers, taxpayers, businesses and consumers billions each year.

A year earlier, in 2010, we led a coalition of more than 330 business, civic and labor groups against a Sierra Club-backed ballot initiative that aimed to shut down economic growth in the Sunshine State.  We won that battle; but we realized that fringe environmental groups are well-financed litigation engines determined to steamroll commonsense whenever it’s convenient for them.  We founded Free Market Florida to fight back.

Now, we’re taking the same approach to environmental issues of national concern.  That’s why we want to hear from you.  Where is environmental extremism threatening the free market?  Drop us a line.

Environmental extremists are destroying our economy, and our country. The gears are grinding to a halt thanks to Obama and his EPA. They went from learning to stop blatant industrial polluters and teaching Americans to pick up after themselves to stopping everything, and demonizing humanity itself.

Somebody with the guts to turn this nation back to reality needs to replace Obama in November.


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