Looks like Marcy Kaptur’s campaign (D – of course) is attacking her opponent’s military training

20120419-171923.jpgI don’t know what else to call it:

“This is the mother of all target-rich environments,” says Steve Fought, the spokesman for Wurzelbacher’s opponent, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D). “He’s not Joe the Plumber — he’s Joe the Professional Politician.”

“I love it when politicians like Joe the Faux Plumber raise money in Washington so they can run against Washington,” Fought adds.

“Faux Plumber”? A quick search of a simple Wikipedia profile would tell the Kaptur campaign this:

Wurzelbacher was born in Toledo, Ohio to Kay and Frank Wurzelbacher. The family moved to Florida when he was young, then returned to Toledo when he was in the middle of high school. After high school, Wurzelbacher enlisted in the United States Air Force, and was stationed in Alaska and North Dakota. In the Air Force, he learned plumbing, along with other skills.

Wurzelbacher left the Air Force in 1996 and worked as a plumber, but then switched careers and started working at the telecommunications company Global Crossing. He also married, had a son, and then divorced during this time. After the divorce, Wurzelbacher decided to go back into plumbing in order to spend more time with his son.[7]

So Wurzelbacher was trained by the US Air Force to be a plumber, is that training inadequate in Kaptur’s estimation?

I’d say that Joe is more “plumber” than Kaptur is a public servant.


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