North Korea does two things badly

Thing 1

Feed its people

In Pyongyang, food appears plentiful, with sidewalk vendors doing brisk business selling roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts, ice cream bars and griddle-fried pancakes. Those with cash can splurge on hamburgers and pizza.
But aid workers say the food shortage is very real in the poor provinces far from the comparatively prosperous capital city.
“It’s now very common to see people with little wicker baskets or plastic bags collecting whatever is edible” — even roots, grasses and herbs, said Katharina Zellweger, the longtime Pyongyang-based North Korea country director for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Thing 2

Launch missiles/satellites

Reports say the impov­er­ished coun­try spent around $850 mil­lion on the project, with anoth­er $5 mil­lion set aside to imprison any cit­i­zens who didn’t weep uncon­trol­lably if the launch went bad, which appears to be the case.

Sources tell me US intel­li­gence offi­cials sus­pect­ed a pos­si­ble rock­et launch after satel­lites picked up signs of arti­fi­cial light in North Korea after sun­set.

Oddly, the North Korean government just made a deal with the US to knock off the missile tests in exchange for 240,000 tons of food in February, guess that’s shot now?

Since they seem to be bad at doing both feeding its people and firing stuff into the sky, maybe they could keep their feet on the ground, and their heads out of their a**es and concentrate on feeding the people? See, Thing 1 above required little effort, just don’t do anything overly stupid, and food would come. Whether the government would actually deliver the food to ordinary people or not is yet another Thing altogether – likely the Proletariat Elite in big (visible to the outside world) cities would be the only ones benefitting from US and international food deliveries.


If these missiles of theirs ever actually work, we could have a problem.


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