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How various people see the Pres.

In keeping with the “what I actually do” meme; h/t Stephen Hardin Advertisements

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President wants credit for the “already approved” part of the Keystone oil pipeline project

Gotta hand it to him, he’s fast on the politics… …especially since media outlets won’t question him. Guy Benson explains Obama’s “compromise“; Let’s review: President Obama unilaterally killed the Keystone XL pipeline, a privately-funded project that would have created thousands of American … Continue reading

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Our President’s “All Of The Above” Energy Strategy, closer to “None of the above if it’ll work today”

Yeah…. Sigh…no “Silver Bullets” either. In related news, “Why is a network news correspondent referring to Ken Salazar as a trusted fact checker? Because David Axelrod was too busy to come on that night.” Think the media is really rooting out … Continue reading

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