A “Thank You” from the earthquake victims in Japan to all the nations that helped them

We were all shocked by the devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan afterward. We watched as the US Navy arrived with helicopters and supplies, runways and docks were cleared, and search and rescue and relief workers flooded the area. We donated what we could, and hoped for the best.

The nuclear reactor then took center stage, and suddenly the victims of the tragedy were pushed more or less to the side of the media spotlight as the focus was now on nuclear power plant safety and worries of how any clouds of radiation may be pushed by the prevailing winds to our shores.

To the rescue workers, the victims were always in the spotlight. While were looking elsewhere, the work hasn’t stopped. From the time they first set boots on the ground until now, it’s been a continuing effort worldwide that the people of the area are extremely grateful for, and they expressed that in the video below.

Tissue Alert

h/t Itsonlywords


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