Afghan soldier murders his Marine counterpart – Pentagon ordered to cover it up?

Not necessarily…

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It’s bad enough that our people are in a combat zone, fighting against an unseen enemy who hides among civilians, but when those who are supposed comrades-in-arms, our allies, begin shooting them from behind while on guard duty, it’s time to rethink our allegiances;

Lance Cpl. Edward J. Dycus of Greenville, Miss., was shot in the back of the head on Feb. 1 while standing guard at an Afghan-U.S. base in the Marja district of Helmand province. The exact circumstances have not been disclosed, but the Dycus family has been notified that he was killed by an Afghan soldier.

Marine officials discussed the matter on condition of anonymity because it is still under investigation.

When the Pentagon announced Dycus’ death the day after the shooting, it said he died “while conducting combat operations” in Helmand. It made no mention of treachery, which has become a growing problem for U.S. and allied forces as they work closely with Afghan forces to wind down the war.

While the above (my emphasis) doesn’t explicitly mean a cover up, it’s not exactly a leap to think in an election year, certain politically minded individuals high in the food chain might not necessarily want an otherwise “anonymous military death” in Afghanistan that would likely be off the media radar to suddenly be front and center in an increasingly unpopular finish to the war there.

First, it has to be noted that this isn’t exactly something that was just recently uncovered, the Military Times reported the heinous nature of Dycus’ killing essentially the same week it happened;

Wednesday’s death of Marine Lance Cpl. Edward Dycus, 22, of Greenville is under investigation, military officials say. Details were not released.

“He’s not just another dead soldier,” said childhood friend Kayla Bevill. “He wasn’t killed by ‘the enemy.’ He was killed by someone that was supposed to be helping him guard, and that’s what hurts the most.”

The Pentagon reports just the facts in its KIA press releases, as they did for Dycus. It is then up to the media to press for further details, and phone numbers are listed at the bottom of each press release for them to do just that. So is this a high-level Pentagon cover up, or just the media not wanting to do its job?

I’ll say the latter. The press long ago stopped giving the “total death counts” after each KIA reported after the last President left office. Prior to that, each military death announced on TV or in print ended with; “…bringing the total number of casualties to__since combat operations began.” No big surprise to see a liberal press covering for a leftist President, really, is it?

Recently with DoDSec Panetta making an appearance in theater, Afghan soldiers were asked to leave their weapons outside. Of course, we couldn’t be making it too obvious the fact we don’t trust them, so Marines were told to do likewise.

The fact is, we don’t trust them, there are too many bad guys mixed in with the good to be able to.

Hamid Karzai is asking us to hurry our time table to exit the country. I say lets do just that. Bad enough I’m sweating my friends still over there being killed by insurgents and terrorists, now I have to worry about the good guys, too?

Karzai says he can handle it, let him.


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