Why can’t Romney seal the deal with conservatives?

I’m not convinced. It’s as simple as that. And I’m not alone.

I’m not convinced Mitt Romney knows what he’s up against. He says he can work with Democrats, and has done so in the past as Governor of Massachusetts. That was in the past.

Andrew Breitbart best said it at CPAC 2012; “This isn’t your Mother’s Democrat Party”;

This is not your mother’s Democratic Party… duh! John Podesta and George Soros? This is not your mother’s Democratic Party You know whose party it is? …I have a thesis about who we’re fighting against on the hard left… [In college] I had no idea these [left-wing academics] people were actually serious about the malarkey they were teaching. The post-structuralist, politically correct garbage.

Unfortunately in 2004, the radical Left [executed] a coup d’etat of the Democratic Party. And basically kicked a person — that four years was called ‘the standard-bearer of decency in the Democratic Party’. And that person was Joe Lieberman.

That was the end of the Democratic Party. And in 2010, the DLC went under.

Nothing Romney has said to date (that I’ve heard) convinces me that he’s ready to take this on. He’s switched positions so often in the past that I’m thinking rather than simply “coming around to my way of thinking”, he’s saying whatever he has to say to get elected.

So what can he say to convince me?

That’s where it gets tricky. If he comes out strong sounding like Newt Gingrich, he’ll be called a “radical” and “fringe” by the left often enough that it’ll stick with the undecideds. He obviously isn’t going to call me personally and tell me he gets it and has a plan. So that leaves me with one option; trust him.

If you think I’m just going to trust any candidate, then you completely missed the whole point of the recent conservative uprising (“Tea Party” having been successfully demonized by the left, I’m thinking we take a page from the left and re-brand, leave that phrase behind). The point was, we’re sick of the crap from both sides. We trust neither Democrat nor Republican to do the right (albeit painful) thing and cut spending. Cutting spending means pissing off part of the electorate, and nobody seems to have the guts to do that.

I want guts. We need overt courage, that’s what a leader is, or should be.

There is a great battle ahead. We go forward into a certain future of doom unless a real leader steps forward to push back the gains of the socialist left in the United States; and the left will not go quietly.

I’m not convinced Romney is that guy. And if he doesn’t want to see a lethargic right-wing barely caring enough to vote come November, he’d better come up with a way to fix that. Fast. He’s pissing a lot of people off with slash and burn tactics against conservative candidates that people were emotionally invested in, and those same people will have to come out to vote for Romney soon.

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