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More info on the small plane full of pot that was forced down by F-16s after getting too close to Marine One

Yeah, what a day this guy had. Full load of pot, close to his destination, suddenly he finds himself bracketed by armed US Air Force F-16 fighter jets; How dopey can you get? By anyone’s standards, it was a serious … Continue reading

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So I assume Hamid Karzai apologized for the Christian church burnings? Or the US soldiers killed?

Obama apologizes for America “brutally” destroying a terrorist communication device. Continue reading

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He was a nut when he left the GOP, and he’s still a nut now that he’s crawled back

Some things just don’t change. Ron Paul certainly hasn’t, but he’d probably prefer you believed otherwise. h/t Levin

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Eric Holder “Divining Intent”

Via Rosalie. Strange, all the cards seem to have the same answer on them…

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Out of control gas prices, who do Dems NOT blame?

Depends on what year it is…

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The difference, Ms. Coulter, was John McCain

If we’re talking apples to oranges, or Romneys to McCains… Continue reading

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Obamacare’s First Casualty? Religious Liberty

Great video from Heritage, Obama’s anti-conscience mandate in a nutshell. Continue reading

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