Rep. Allen West at CPAC 2012: “THE Speech”

A combat-hardened Army Colonel has a way of defining who the enemy is, and motivating you to do your utmost best to destroy said enemy before you yourself are destroyed.

Allen West is a former Lt. Col. in the US Army, and he’s absolutely hated by the leftist Democrats with a red hot hate for daring to be Conservative While Black (CWB) in America. An obvious turncoat in their eyes, they are out daily trying to destroy him. Allen West knows the enemy. Has identified the enemy. He’s not afraid to tell you who that enemy is, and try his utmost best to fire you up to take that enemy head-on.

As RightScoop says;

If Rep. Allen West’s speech doesn’t get you out of your seat in applause, the ending sure will. I think my reply to this speech on twitter was “HOLY CRAP! That was absolutely incredible!!!!!!”


(Video courtesy of Teacheru)


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