Andrew Breitbart Goes to War against the left and its “Divide and Conquer” strategy

Breitbart gave us a little taste of what he has in store for the left and their messiah in 2012, now here’s another preview of things to come.

NSFW – Strong Language

“Hating Breitbart” tells the story of how one man with a website upended the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy.

The filmmakers have been following Andrew Breitbart since the birth of the Tea Party movement in 2009, and they’ve got behind-the-scenes access to many of the media controversies in which Breitbart was a key player–from the ACORN takedown to Congressman Anthony Weiner’s crotch-shot Twitter scandal.

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3 Responses to Andrew Breitbart Goes to War against the left and its “Divide and Conquer” strategy

  1. flowergirl89 says:

    B and Sarah are only interrested in keeping their payday coming, speaking out for the Koch Bros and attacking the 99%. The GOP has destroyed their own party’s integrity worldwide. Most reports against the left are exactly the things they are really doing, dividing the citizens of this country, into the haves and the never will have, if they can help it.. They attacked women, education for the children of this country and now are experimenting in Michigan taking over our cities, leaving the citizens in a dictatorship, with no say so in our democracy and nullified votes. Who is raping and pillaging our country? The Republican clowns. The 99% isn’t going anywhere, We are only getting stronger.

    • Here we go…”The KOCH Brothers!!1!”

      Curiously you don’t seem offended by the big money coming from George Soros.

      Curious you aren’t offended by the Democrat Party begging for money from the evil Bank of America to pay for their convention this Summer.

      Curious you aren’t offended by the “Green Energy” policies that give billions to rich “1%ers” so rich people can drive $100,000 gull-winged electric cars to the movies premiers.

      99%, you claim? Well; We. Are. The 53%. We pay your bills, and now we’re working to evict you.

      Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Fatcow Alex says:

    Very good point Eric! It’s sad… Breitbart just exposes the corruption of the left.

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