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And speaking of Climate Insanity: “Why I am so rude to Warmists” – James Delingpole

Oh I completely understand Delingpole’s frustration with the leftist global warming economic assassins; they offer refutable “proof” and call it “irrefutable,” and think yelling exaggeration at the top of their lungs makes them right. He takes us riding with him in a car … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Who Are You Going To Believe – The Government Climate Scientists or The Data? By Dr David M.W. Evans (republished here with permission, PDF link below) We check the main predictions of the…

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Obama, The 13th Cylon?

Just wondering

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Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war – then bring ’em home

Time for a reckoning in Afghanistan, followed by a homecoming Barely two months after Joe Biden, with White House approval, announced the Taliban is not our enemy, the Taliban begins proving them all wrong. KABUL, Afghanistan – A suicide car … Continue reading

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Angry about gas prices? So was someone ELSE (when he was trying to get elected in 2008)

Is Barack Obama angry about it today? He says he is. Angry at BIG OIL, angry at those Wascally Wepublicans, and angry at you for daring to still be driving your car instead of walking. If Obama really, really, really wanted to lower gas … Continue reading

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What do you have to do to open a lemonade stand in New York City? Also, EPA destroys an Idaho family. [UPDATE] MULTIPLE Families.

Oh. My. God. The show should be called “Out-of-Control America”. Ask John Stossel, I’m watching a show called “Illegal Everything” on Fox right now, and some of the crap required blows me away; It made me want to try to … Continue reading

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Daniel Hannan on political “job creation” by decree

Leaders in the EU seem to have the same problem Obama has; no understanding of how jobs are created. They think that by making the declaration “We need to create jobs”, jobs will somehow magically appear. Conversely,  every bill they … Continue reading

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