Rush: GOP Establishment in abject panic-They Don’t Understand Their Own Base

I was listening to Rush while driving the other day…last Monday, in fact. He was saying that the GOP since Newt’s win in South Carolina was now in official Panic Mode. No way some conservative is going to screw things up for The Party by taking this GOP Primary from their anointed one-Mitt Romney.

You see, to the Establishment GOP types, Romney is the only one with a chance to defeat Obama. Some of you no doubt agree.

RAAAAACISTS! Umm, I mean, Mormon-ists!!1!

Point is…well anyway John McCain came out later in the week and proved Rush’s point. Without a doubt. What else to you call his using Obama tactics to excuse Romney’s defeat in South Carolina?

If, say, Obama were to lose in South Carolina – or any Southern state, what would be the claim to blame? Racism.

McCain, on the other hand, had to use a different claim, that of “anti-Mormon” bias. Same bull crap, different victim group.

As an aside, if you heard the “racism” claim from the left, would you buy it? If you’re a conservative used to being labeled adversely to suit their leftist agenda, you’d likely shrug it off. If you happen to be an activist conservative, you’d likely use it to counter-attack. If you’re a Romney supporter, why would you allow McCain to get away with it at all? Even if you support Mitt Romney, I’d hope you’d at least be shaking your head that John McCain, a Republican, would use this crap against his own. Why would he?


Panic makes most of us do or say stupid things sometimes, and Rush nailed McCain and the liberal Republican elite in advance;

It’s about the Senate.  It’s about being in charge of the money.  It’s not about cutting spending.  The Republican establishment is not signed on to the cutting spending business.  People ask me, “What do you mean, who is this Republican establishment?”  Two things.  They don’t like conservatives and they’re not really all that concerned about spending.  They want to be in charge of it.  That’s who they are.  And they are not gonna be in charge of it if they don’t hold the House and if they don’t pick up the Senate.  And that’s what they really want.  They’re not and never have been convinced that Obama can be beat.

Now, Newt has thrown this thing into a tizzy.  They don’t know what to do.  They wanted this wrapped up.  They don’t understand why it happened.  They’re blaming all the wrong people. They’re blaming their own voters. They’re blaming the media. They’re blaming stupidity on the part of the voters.  They haven’t the slightest idea why this happened in South Carolina.  It’s not too much democracy going on in their minds; they just don’t understand it.  They don’t understand the base of their own party.  They resent the base of their own party.  They don’t understand the passion.  I was telling Snerdley this morning, ’cause he came in here, gave me his theory, which I promptly shot down.  His theory is that we all owe ABC this, ’cause if it weren’t for ABC and John King asking the questions, Newt woulda never been — and to a certain extent, that’s true.  But why?

Why? Rush explains below;

Read along with the transcript here.


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