Awesome! Song “Stand By Me” played by musicians around the world and mixed to video

Seems like every time I run across something cool like this, it’s spoiled. Somebody discovers an “agenda” I probably wouldn’t like. This time, I don’t want to hear it. It’s just way cool as it stands.

Opens with a street musician (the kind of who plays for change money), playing in Santa Monica, California as he’s recorded by a guy with a laptop.

Guy with the laptop then takes it to New Orleans and records another guy, giving him headphones to hear the first guy and allow him to virtually jam with with the dude.

On laptop guy goes, around the world adding more and more to the track in the same way, and it ends up a documentary called “Playing for Change” (yeah, there’s that word “Change” again, now ubiquitous and rendered meaningless by uno-who, it seems).


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