Concert for the troops; from “celebrating non-belief” to Attacking belief

Hey, in addition to anti-Christian groups, maybe throw in a few anti-Muslim and Nazi Jew-hating groups as well?

The US military is always going out of its way to show how politically correct it can be (remember the non-combat troops are governed by bureaucrats). With that come a ridiculous amount of “bending over backward” to accommodate every group that doesn’t fit the societal norm. One such group to join in the PC fun is the atheists;

Following a concert that was put on by a Christian group on the base [Fort Bragg, NC in September 2010, you may recall that military atheists were offended. They began claiming that skeptics, too, deserve an event that celebrates their non-belief. So, after making a ruckus, the military agreed to give $50,000 toward “Rock Beyond Belief” (the same amount had been allocated for the Christian concert).

Okay, fine, the Christians got a concert, so now the atheists get one. The problem is, the groups promoted aren’t singing and dancing the praises of Darwin, they’re attacking Christians and Christianity.  Attacking by showing Christians as evil, and God as a sadist;

Let me give you a little inside information about God
He’s laughing his sick fu**ing ass off
He’s a tight ass
He’s a sadist
Worship that? […]

Fu*k your God
Fu*k your faith in the end
There’s no religion

Swap “God” for “Allah” and tell me again how this is okay.


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2 Responses to Concert for the troops; from “celebrating non-belief” to Attacking belief

  1. John Barron says:

    There has always been a double standard when it comes to belief systems and political views. Some are fair game, and others are off limits.

    I, for one, have always found it a bit ridiculous how Atheists claim a non-belief, but spend so much effort promoting it. There are plenty of things I don’t believe in, I don’t go around advertizing it.

    Notice too that their event was focused on deriding and mocking another group of people. I wonder what the public reaction would have been if the Christian event were focused on belittling and mocking Atheists.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Nobody sings Christian songs about how stupid atheism and atheists are. At least not to my knowledge.

      And nobody who self-identifies as atheist would ever viciously attack those of Islamic faith, not even the radicals who strap bombs to kids. Instead they say; “Well, Christianity is a form of terrorism.”

      Where do they even get that stuff?

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