On those, ummm, “ethics violations” Romney and Pelosi like to throw at Gingrich? Yeah…

First comes Byron York, who covered the ethics mess during the nineties for American Spectator.

The case centered around a class Gingrich taught in Georgia called “Renewing American Civilization”;

[H]is critics contended that it had little to do with learning and was in fact a political exercise in which Gingrich abused a tax-exempt foundation to spread his own partisan message.

In other words, just like every leftist professor at college today, right? Shilling for the left and the Democrat Party?

English: Newt Gingrich at a political conferen...

Well, Gingrich was exonerated;

In the end, in 1999, the IRS released a densely written, highly detailed 74-page report.  The course was, in fact, educational, the IRS said. “The overwhelming number of positions advocated in the course were very broad in nature and often more applicable to individual behavior or behavioral changes in society as a whole than to any ‘political’ action,” investigators wrote. “For example, the lecture on quality was much more directly applicable to individual behavior than political action and would be difficult to attempt to categorize in political terms. Another example is the lecture on personal strength where again the focus was on individual behavior. In fact, this lecture placed some focus on the personal strength of individual Democrats who likely would not agree with Mr. Gingrich on his political views expressed in forums outside his Renewing American Civilization course teaching. Even in the lectures that had a partial focus on broadly defined changes in political activity, such as less government and government regulation, there was also a strong emphasis on changes in personal behavior and non-political changes in society as a whole.”

Read it all, spread it around, since not many seem to be interested in the truth.

Also, via Kim, the CNN report from 1999;

Now if the American Idol voters would accept Gingrich or not is another question. You can banter “electability” around all day long, but the truth is the truth and Romney joining in an attack alongside the likes of Nancy Pelosi gives me the creeps; especially as the ethics question is one that should’ve been put to bed in 1999. Forever.

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