Racist customer leaves a snide remark in lieu of a tip

Gee, thanks?

Via email


Note the “God Bless” at the end used as an emoticon to absolve the writer of their guilt? Maybe.

I note the ignorance; 40 years ago, the writer seems to be claiming, they were in some form of slavery. Or something. 140 years would be believable, but I don’t think the tip stiffer was that old.

So MLK Day was about “getting even”? That’s the way it seems.

Tips are to show appreciation for good service; not as a way of leveling some racist’s playing field. It shows the “content of character” for the giver and the receiver, or lack thereof.

If they got good service and were too damn cheap to leave a tip, just pay the bill and leave, save the finger wagging. Just don’t expect people to appreciate you as a customer.

One note via Twitter

the subnetted life (@subnetted)
1/17/12 10:45 AM
@MichelleInCAL @katmckinley @erickbrockway Wow, I would have reminded her that she never picked cotton, and I never cracked a whip. #dumbass

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