Rush: “I Wouldn’t Have One Ounce of Doubt About Rick Perry…”

“…I Been Hoping Rick Perry Would Catch Fire”

About time Rush came out and said it;

Yeah, considering the other options, I am now officially in the tank for Rick Perry.

Note; Due to there being some confusion over the above sentence, I’ll clarify; that’s ME saying that, not Rush (yet – though one can hope, right?).


From El Rushbo’s site [my emphasis];

This is why I say, “Let’s get the best conservative we can.” Since we already have so much anti-Obama sentiment, why settle? Why not go for the whole ball of wax? (interruption) No, I am not kidding. It’s time. I tell you, it’s time to strip this bare. I have just alluded to this. I’m gonna tell you again. This whole business of “electable,” I’ve been hearing about it for weeks, months. We all have our circle of friends. I too have a circle of friends. Contrary to what you think, my circle of friends are no smarter than you. They’re no smarter than you. Just because they’re my friends doesn’t mean they’re smart. They’re not stupid, but I’m saying is they’re just like anybody else. This is the point.

That’s a good thing. I get frustrated at this “electability.” That’s how the Democrats chose John Kerry, by the way (who served in Vietnam). When Howard Dean failed in 2004 in Iowa, they panicked. “We’ve gotta get somebody who can win!” They thought Kerry could. This “electability” reason to nominate somebody is flawed from the get-go because the reasons that people think somebody can win are flawed, as evidenced by what I just told you. Let me tell you something, folks: I wouldn’t have one ounce of doubt about Rick Perry. I’ve been hoping Rick Perry would catch fire, but I have people in my sphere who don’t want to vote for Perry (and largely they’re women) because he sounds too much like Bush. He’s too stupid. He’s too hesitating in his speech and Obama will clean his clock in a debate.

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3 Responses to Rush: “I Wouldn’t Have One Ounce of Doubt About Rick Perry…”

  1. Rune says:

    It would be helpful if we could get through one endorsement w/out bringing up the stupidity of the longest serving Gov of one of the most successful states in the nation.

    He somehow managed to think that one through fairly well, I thought.

  2. Personally I wonder about the intelligence of anyone that thinks the most successful Gov in the country is stupid. Excuse me people if Gov Perry is stupid maybe we need more “stupid” people in office because obviously by far Texas (& please don’t try that oil & gas bs that is only 1/5 of our economy) is doing better than every other state in the union. And that “stupid” man is steadily stealing your companies to come to our “stupid” state-which obviously since we have not only let Rick Perry serve out the term of W. Bush but elected him 3 times in his own right-we must be stupid too. That is why we have one of the lowest costs of living, most jobs, why 2000 people a day move to our state (which since you fools dislike our Gov & think we are stupid please stop moving here), we have no state income tax, a balanced budget (& yes our “stupid” gov got that passed), we have a Rainy Day Fund (also a brain child of our “stupid” Governor. People need to get a grip. Hope all of you enjoy your 4 more years of Obama (romney, newt, santorum they are all interchangeable) but please do NOT come to my state.

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