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Awesome! Song “Stand By Me” played by musicians around the world and mixed to video

Seems like every time I run across something cool like this, it’s spoiled. Somebody discovers an “agenda” I probably wouldn’t like. This time, I don’t want to hear it. It’s just way cool as it stands. Opens with a street … Continue reading

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Rush: GOP Establishment in abject panic-They Don’t Understand Their Own Base

I was listening to Rush while driving the other day…last Monday, in fact. He was saying that the GOP since Newt’s win in South Carolina was now in official Panic Mode. No way some conservative is going to screw things … Continue reading

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Concert for the troops; from “celebrating non-belief” to Attacking belief

Swap “God” for “Allah” and tell me again how this is okay Continue reading

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Posting Lowry’s NRO post here so I can read the stupid thing

Had to pick through all the source code at NRO’s post by Rick Lowry on “Jeffrey Lord’s Distortion”. For some reason the post at NRO has a bug and the text has vanished. Jeffrey Lord manages a two-fer in this … Continue reading

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Act of Valor – Finally a movie I can look forward to

Live fire? Seabees don’t play that. We’d hurt ourselves. Seriously.

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As we last left Resident Obama, it was November 2010, Barry was having a BAD day

Updating my links, but before I delete one nobody is publishing to anymore, thought I’d share the last (so far) in the yet continuing saga of Barry Soetoro, Resident Obama; You can see more by Speciallist here.

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Lock and Load – Danielle, an Israeli Defense Force Weapons Instructor from California

It really isn’t so strange seeing women in the military who can shoot, especially here in California. Hoorah, Seabees?

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