If you get pulled over in Los Angeles driving on a suspended license, say you’re an illegal immigrant. No problem

Yeah I know “it’s California,” read on anyway, it may come your way soon

It’s in the California Vehicle Code, 14602.6 (a) [my bold];

14602.6.  (a) (1) Whenever a peace officer determines that a person was driving a vehicle while his or her driving privilege was suspended or revoked, driving a vehicle while his or her driving privilege is restricted pursuant to Section 13352 or 23575 and the vehicle is not equipped with a functioning, certified interlock device, or driving a vehicle without ever having been issued a driver’s license, the peace officer may either immediately arrest that person and cause the removal and seizure of that vehicle or, if the vehicle is involved in a traffic collision, cause the removal and seizure of the vehicle without the necessity of arresting the person in accordance with Chapter 10 (commencing with Section 22650) of Division 11. A vehicle so impounded shall be impounded for 30 days.

People ignore license suspensions all day long in California, after multiple DUI arrests, they still get behind the wheel. The vehicle code above was designed to get those people and people who never were issued a license to begin with off the road.

Well, turns out the vast majority of people behind the wheel in the latter case are illegal immigrants, therefore of course the above is racist and unfair;

“A lot of drivers can’t get their licenses because they’re undocumented, not because they don’t know how to drive,” said Gilbert Saucedo, a Los Angeles-based attorney working to ease city’s car impound policy.
“When you take somebody’s car, and they can’t get it back for 30 days, they can’t get to work. They can’t get their kids to school. It’s a huge burden.”

“Undocumented” because they snuck into the United States illegally, hence the legal term illegal immigrant. Digressing…

Unlicensed drivers in Los Angeles are a huge problem, as one may expect;

Patricia Ellen Riedy, of Wildwood, Mo., was crossing Woodman Avenue in Panorama City 5:35 a.m. Saturday when she was struck by a black Ford Explorer. The 60-year-old, who was crossing outside of a crosswalk south of Cantara St.,  died at the scene, said Officer Ralph Emard of the Valley Traffic Bureau.

The driver, 36-year-old Martha Cruz of Panorama City, did not have a valid California drivers license, Emard said.

Because Cruz cooperated with police, she was not arrested at the scene or charged with a crime in connection with the collision, Emard said.

But, he said, she will likely be charged with driving without a license.

But arguably the worst mayor in LA history, Mayor Tony “Antonio Villaraigosa” Villar (he married a rich woman, took her name, had an affair with another woman, and then kept the name when his wife kicked him to the curb,  because it was a cool name), pandered to the leftist illegal alien rights groups and pressured Police Chief Charlie Beck to cool it with the whole “enforcing the law” thing;

A current rule getting scrutiny is one that requires police to impound cars by people who don’t have a license or who have had their license suspended. The proposed new rule would allow drivers caught driving without a license to have someone else to drive the car home for them, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Of course, this debate isn’t just about driving without a license — it’s about how to deal with undocumented immigrants who aren’t allowed to obtain driver’s licenses at all. Last month the National Lawyers Guild and the Southern California Immigration Coalition released a report accusing the police department of racial profiling and targeting immigrant drivers. Impounding fees can take a toll costing a few hundred dollars plus storage fees.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck acknowledged that the change in policy was aimed at addressing the law’s unfair burden on illegal immigrants in an interview with the Los Angeles Times: “It’s a fairness issue. There is a vast difference between someone driving without a license because they cannot legally be issued one and someone driving after having their license revoked.”

Note the italicized above in the last paragraph? “Fairness”.

Not “fairness” to the millions of people who somehow managed to migrate to the United States legally, and now watch in horror as people who break the law are about to get the same thing por nada.

Not “fairness” to the citizens who, born here, watch as their children are pushed aside in university admissions.

Nor “fairness” to the tax payers who subsidize all the above idiocy.

And definitely not fair to the people who are killed by the unlicensed drivers when they get their cars back instead of having them impounded;

A year ago, Don Rosenberg’s 25-year-old son Drew was killed in San Francisco by an unlicensed driver whose car was impounded by authorities – then released.

The city’s prosecutors had returned a one-ton weapon in which to kill his son, he said, after they had taken it from an unlicensed motorist for driving against a one-way street.

Now he has written to Los Angeles officials to persuade them to reconsider the policy to not impound cars of unlicensed drivers.

“I think it’s criminally negligent. And the police chief, he should be fired for even considering it, it’s so outrageous,” said Rosenberg, 58, of Westlake Village. “It’s violating the law.

“(My son) was a good kid. (His death) didn’t have to happen, because the driver should never have been on the road. He was caught, and they let him go.”

So, want “fairness”? If you have a suspended license in Los Angeles or another sanctuary city in California, fear not. When the police want your license and registration? Simply say; “No tengo una licencia, lo siento.”

“I don’t have a license. Sorry.”

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3 Responses to If you get pulled over in Los Angeles driving on a suspended license, say you’re an illegal immigrant. No problem

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  2. sed0007 says:

    This is only PART of the problem. The fact is, that many illegal immigrants are easily able to obtain drivers’ licenses in the states along the west coast.

    As a former employee for a major casualty insurance company, working in its subrogation department, I have first hand knowledge of illegals who are able to have the best of both worlds.

    (Subrogation is the process by which insurance companies pursue and file suit against at-fault drivers to recoup the monies already paid out to their insureds).

    I personally worked on cases where the offending at-fault driver blithely told our insured that “I’m an illegal, so you can’t sue me”. Bad enough, but this driver had not only one, but TWO drivers’ licenses, one from California, and another from Washington state. Of course, no suit could be filed, as no skip-tracing could find a servable address, even though you do need to list an address to even get a license.

    It seems clear that if these states so easily authorize driving privileges; it is not beyond their incompetence to also approve and allow food stamps; welfare; unemployment compensation; etc…….and also voting rights.

    No wonder California is raising taxes. And no wonder California makes insurance companies have to jump through major “hoops’ to get proposed rate increases for insurance approved. The bureaucracies of these states contribute to what is know in insurance parlance as “moral ” risk, and the costs have to be born by those of us who are citizens.

    • Yeah, I can imagine the insurance headaches. All I see are the ones towed in. They sit the 30 days, and a guy from Guatemala buys them and resells them in LA to…well, you know who to…

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