Ron Paul won’t appear on Trump’s GOP Apprentice program. How about #DWTS?

Too bad, the entertainment and comedic value would be huge

"Nope, ain't gonna do it, and ye can't make me."

With The Donald’s announcement of what amounts to another offshoot of his program “The Apprentice” for GOP candidates, my hope was there’d be a clash or two between Trump and everyone’s favorite crazy uncle, Ron Paul.

Alas, it’s reportedly not to be;

The Texas congressman’s campaign said today he will not participate in a Dec. 27 debate hosted by the conservative Newsmax website because the participation of the real estate mogul and host of NBC’s The Apprentice is “wildly inappropriate.”

“The selection of a reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters nationwide will be watching is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office’s history and dignity,” Jesse Benton, Paul’s national campaign chairman, said in a statement.

Donald Trump wasted no time in firing back;

As I said in the past and will reiterate again, Ron Paul has a zero chance of winning either the nomination or the Presidency … Few people take Ron Paul seriously and many of his views and presentations make him a clown-like candidate.

Contrary to Ace, I think candidates showing up to Trump’s Debateapalooza will do just fine;

If Ron Paul thinks you’re a clownish buffoon, maybe it’s time to stick to your day jobs. Anyone who agrees to this really needs to be disqualified from consideration. (Which apparently includes…Newt Gingrich)

Jon Huntsman (who?) declined to appear as well, choosing popcorn over what will probably be the most watched GOP  debate evah.

Who could miss it? Although I’d include beer with the popcorn.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul won’t appear on Trump’s GOP Apprentice program. How about #DWTS?

  1. Mark says:

    The full title of this post didn’t show up when I saw it on Google but my first thought was maybe Paul would appear on DWTS….

    How ironic!

    Honestly, I do see Paul’s point but he is only hurting himself by NOT appearing. Or maybe he thinks he will get more press by refusing to appear? Not that he has a snowball’s chance……

    • Free publicity? How could he pass that up. This is the one debate that the American Idol voters are likely to watch. Good performance here will move the polls.

      RP is skeert of The Donald.

      Then again, this may be all about The Donald getting ready for a third party run.

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