Democrat Occupiers target Cain and Romney in Iowa

Oh they’ll deny being affiliated with any political party, but seriously, see these scum attacking anything having to do with any Democrat?

I didn’t think so.

So the happy zombies attack Republicans in Iowa;

Protesters occupied Herman Cain’s presidential campaign headquarters and the business office of Mitt Romney’s Iowa campaign leader Tuesday morning in protest of the candidates’ plans to reduce government.

The Herman Cain presidential campaign headquarters in Urbandale was occupied briefly at around 11 a.m. today by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund supporters.

Lisa Lockwood, a Cain campaign spokeswoman, said about 25 to 30 protesters came into the building while people were making calls.

“They stormed their way in and were very loud and rude,” Lockwood said. “We let them say their piece, then asked them to leave.”

But the protesters would not leave the campaign office at 8550 New York Ave., according to Lockwood.

It wasn’t until members of the Urbandale Police Department arrived that the group finally left. The group was in the office for about 15 minutes.

Urbandale Police Chief Ross McCarty said protesters were cooperative with officers on scene when asked to leave.

“We basically gave them the ground rules – they are welcome to go into the office as long as they leave when the renter has asked them to leave. If they do not it becomes trespassing,” he said.

Sorry, maggots, Cain wasn’t home.

I'm not in at the moment, if I was I'd just make y'all look stupid


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