New Cain ad; “High Tech Lynching”

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Herman Cain’s campaign seems to have stopped stuttering in his defense against Politico’s hit piece from last Sunday, and finally come up with something targeting (yeah I said “targeting”) the real bad guys here, the left.

The stumbling of the Cain campaign is still due to inexperience, I think. The very thing we value him for, not being a savvy politician, is the one thing many are now slapping him down for.

I don’t know, he’s still in the top three candidates for me, and Ace gives some of the reasons why he’s not at “The Top” of my list. He gets the hat tip for the video, too;

[UPDATE] Good read at The Daily Caller by ;

Thank you, Politico, for dragging our already divided and depressed nation back to the “high-tech lynching” days of Justice Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Sadly, Herman Cain is just the latest “uppity negro,” as Justice Thomas put it, to break the Eleventh Commandment: Cain dared to speak his mind, and because his message is anathema to the orthodoxy pervasive among liberal blacks, he is being bludgeoned.

However, the high-tech lynching of Herman Cain is not about Herman Cain. It is not about loosely detailed allegations of sexual harassment. Nor is it about how Cain’s campaign is handling the current conflagration.

No, Cain is merely a vehicle. And the liberal media war against him is a warning to blacks, Hispanics, women and any other member of the liberal minority victimhood class system that if they ever decide to escape the liberal plantation, they will be destroyed. Period.

Again, it doesn’t matter that Herman Cain is a 65-year-old Reagan conservative who, despite the fallout over the sexual harassment allegations, holds a commanding lead in a number of early Republican primary states. It doesn’t matter that he has remained so popular as long as he has, a feat that defies all political logic given that he has a fraction of the money and name recognition of presumed front-runner and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

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2 Responses to New Cain ad; “High Tech Lynching”

  1. joesix says:

    Cain’s not going to find broader appeal in the electorate by aligning with Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, and Clarence Thomas. This ad also doesn’t make much sense now that he’s blaming Perry for leaking the story to Politico. I do like the apocalyptic movie trailer music, however.

    • I think they walked back the “blame Perry” thing. Honestly I’ve lost track, but assuming with this ad they’re finally going after the left, our real problem.

      Also, I don’t see Herman Cain “aligning with” Rush Limbaugh et al. Rather, I see them defending Cain against so far “blank” charges.

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