Seriously, #OWS should #OccupyCongress

It’s warmer in there, anyway…

There are some similarities, some common ground, between Occupy and the Tea Party;

With those things in common, it would make more sense to Occupy Congress (where the crony-capitalist laws are written) than Wall Street, no?

Graphics h/t Bill Futral


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4 Responses to Seriously, #OWS should #OccupyCongress

  1. loudell says:

    Actually, don’t you think it would be better for each of the protesters to buy 1 share of each of the companies that are paying their CEO and upper management so much more than those who are in the trenches working their buns off. Then they attend the stockholder meetings and protest there. It’s time to bore from within, and what better way than by voicing one’s opinion as an owner of the business.

    • That’s a thought.

      I like the idea of infiltrating the political parties the way the left has done over the years, the Democrats need to get the crazy left out of control of their party. Push them back toward obeying the Constitution. Same with the Republicans.

  2. thedrpete says:

    The graphic under-represents what Tea Partiers are advocating for and over-represents what OWS-ers can comprehend. Further, corporations can force no one to do anything. Government can . . . and does.

    Corporations participate in crony capitalism because government is what it is, does what it does, and spends what it spends. Fiduciary responsibility legally demands corporate participation. The issue is government.

    • The graphic only represents what is possibly the only area of common ground, not intended to comprehensively note everything either side is advocating.

      That said, yeah it’s probably too complicated for most of the stoners to comprehend!

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