Just who is this awful, racist “Tea party”?

It seems every time you turn on the TV some talking head (usually belonging contractually to MSNBC, but sometimes CNN and others) is describing the Tea Party as “racist”, “homophobic” and worse.

One group, The Tea Party.net is trying to get 30 second ad spots produced, hopefully to be run on TV at some point. They’re asking for money to help them in that effort.

Now I realize the Tea Party by it’s very nature is leaderless for the most part, and people are loathe to donate to any one particular group for fear of somehow “endorsing” said group and being “trapped” under their banner. Also, money is tight for a lot of people (myself included), so political donations are back burner for now.

Spread these videos around, then. Show them to friends and family members who’ve bout into the “racist” meme that’s been shoved down their throats.

The first video is here, the second and latest video you can watch below.

h/t Rusty


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