Oh, so it was actually OBAMA who pushed the surge into Iraq and defeated the insurgency?

Here it comes, Bush did nothing, it was all actually Obama, the Hawk;

Nope, pretty sure Bush was President then


President Obama announced that by the year’s end, our servicemen and women currently in Iraq will all be home, and the Iraq war will end. This is a historic moment that so many have been working toward for years. Watch the video of the President’s message—and then pass this news on.

Yeah, kiddies, pass it on because it’s something few people know; that it was in fact Obama who decided to “go for broke” in Iraq;

(CBS)  This past week, the president of the United States decided to go for broke. Despite national sentiment against the war, despite condemnation on Capitol Hill, President George W. Bush ordered more than 21,000 additional troops to war-a gamble that may be a pivotal moment for his presidency and the country.

Whoops! That was Bush they were referring to.

Well, wasn’t it Bush who said he saw nothing but a  “…complete failure…” in Iraq, regardless of any surge?

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 21 — Senator Barack Obama said Tuesday that even if the military escalation in Iraq was showing limited signs of progress, efforts to stabilize the country had been a “complete failure” and American troops should not be entangled in the sectarian strife.

“No military surge, no matter how brilliantly performed, can succeed without political reconciliation and a surge of diplomacy in Iraq and the region,” Mr. Obama said. “Iraq’s leaders are not reconciling. They are not achieving political benchmarks.”

Oh, darn! That was Obama!

Wait, according to this campaign email the Obama campaign is sending around, it’s all Obama defeating the enemy in Iraq;

The war in Iraq was a divisive, defining issue in our country for nearly nine years, and was the catalyst for many Americans to get involved in politics for the first time.

Now, thanks to the actions of this President, we can say that conflict is coming to a close.

The end of this war reflects a larger transition in our foreign policy as, in the President’s words, “the tide of war is receding.” The drawdown in Iraq has allowed us to refocus on the fight against al Qaeda, even as we begin to bring troops home from Afghanistan. And of course, this week also marked the definitive end of the Qaddafi regime in Libya.

These outcomes are an example of what happens when a leader sets a plan and sees it through. In the last campaign, the President committed to getting American troops home while leaving behind a stable and secure Iraq. You rallied around that vision, and now that promise has been fulfilled.

On behalf of this campaign and supporters of the President across the country, I want to thank the more than 1 million Americans who have served in Iraq, and all those who worked to make this possible.



James Kvaal
Policy Director
Obama for America

Oh, I see what he means. By just “turning off the switch” the war is now “over” and you can ignore anything that occurs in Iraq from this day forward. I’m pretty sure the fawning media will.

Oh, and the bottom of the website the email sends you to is an email harvester that offers to “Load Contacts From Your Email Account” to give the campaign more people to spam. So the whole thing is campaign trash.

Now let’s see how Obama dumps Gitmo


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