The California Brain Drain continues

Californians who still care about their state suffered a hit today in the announcement that Chuck DeVore will be pulling up stakes and heading to Texas with his family;

Good-bye, California, I’m going to Texas
It’s hard to say “good-bye” – perhaps “au revoir” is better (till we meet again).

As some of my friends know, our family has been caring for my aged in-laws, 86 and 82. As with many people who have seen a full life of war and work and raising a family, they need our help. This assistance has consumed our whole family – in fact, it’s the toughest thing – and the most important thing – we’ve done, even more so than running for statewide office.

In addition, as with many in the Golden State, I have found it hard to earn enough to support my family. My old aerospace clientele has fled to greener, less-expensive pastures. Combined with the drain on our savings caused by six years of public service in the Assembly, we have come to the reluctant conclusion that it is time to move.

The good news is that there are still other places in America where the taxes are lower and the regulations less onerous than here in California, my home for most of the past 36 years.

One such place is Texas.

It is there, I am pleased to announce, that I have accepted a position as Senior Visiting Scholar for Fiscal Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. My first order of business is to write a book on the Texas Model of how low taxes and low government spending, a light and predictable regulatory environment, respect for property rights, and a business-friendly legal climate has turned Texas into America’s jobs generating dynamo. (In fact, as part of my research, I’ve noted that almost 2 million Californians moved out of the Golden State in the past ten years – Texas, with no income tax, having received the largest number of Californians.)

Believe me, with what I know about California, having been the chief Republican on the Assembly’s tax writing committee, Texas is a vastly different land in regards to public policy.

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Chuck DeVore took on the task of running for the US Senate seat occupied by Barbara Boxer, and found himself up against not only the leftist union meat grinder, but the GOP establishment who wanted Carly Fiorina (or anyone but a solid conservative, it seems).

In the California Assembly, Chuck was tireless in his attempts to stop the mad spending and unconstitutional side steps of the leftist Democrat majority. To say he’ll be sorely missed on the Left Coast is an understatement.

One thing that makes the departure of Chuck and Diane DeVore and their children somewhat less gloomy; they’ll be setting up in Texas, where real conservatives may one day have to retreat as the cancer of socialism spreads from the edges inward.

Remember the Alamo! And we’ll see you guys soon.

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