So it’s NOT just me – some of this #Occupy stuff is just…”creepy” – and possibly insidious

…and I’m talking in a creepy Invasion of the Bodysnatchers way.

I first saw clip this Saturday, and I couldn’t get past the first few seconds. The whole thing was just too much like watching a pre-school teacher speak to children, which would be cute if the children weren’t 20+ years old.

What brought this clip from the Occupy Atlanta protest to national prominence was the fact that the knothead leaders of this group (you’ve heard possibly that there ARE no leaders in this bunch…hah) wanted to allow an icon of the civil rights movement (Congressman John Lewis – he of “The Tea Party Spit On Me” fame) to speak to the “masses”. Someone in the bunch didn’t want him to speak (for whatever reason, I couldn’t understand her whiny voice even with the drones repeating everything she said), and the creepiness ensues; [Note – Feel free to fast forward through the over 10 minute clip, I sure did.]

Now for “insidious”. What this repeating/finger snapping weirdness is about, I believe, is command and control. Somebody who denies being a “leader” runs to the forefront and starts taking charge. A friend emailed me earlier;

…”these people are like the Borg“.  It’s a
system in which indivudual freedom isn’t important, only the will of
the collective.  I was also wondering “If no one is more important
than anyone else, who selected the guy with the bullhorn to be the

That there is the key (and a keeper) for me, it got me to thinking about all the leftist protests where all they do is chant; when all they do is chant mindless claptrap, it keeps them from actually using their minds. Thinking for yourself (if you belong to “the masses”) isn’t exactly encouraged in leftists ranks; they will tell you what’s what, you don’t need to think.

Similarly, if all you have time to do at a rally is mindlessly repeat whatever some speaker is saying to you from on high, it gives you little time again to think for yourself about the lunacy of what said individual may be saying to you. Mind control.

And that is a major difference between all this Occupy stuff and the Tea Party; the former wants to shut down thought and speech that may encourage thinking, the latter encourages you to think for yourself, and wants you to look deeper, to investigate for yourself.

So ask yourself; which group is for freedom, and which is against?

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