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Just a reminder – Obama KNEW about Fast and Furious, so did Holder, in March 2009

They can both lie, and both obfuscate, but both were at the top of the food chain in this and both culpable in the death of Agent Brian Terry. Crossposted to Unified Patriots Related articles Issa: ‘Fast and furious’ subpoenas … Continue reading

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A new protest song for #OccupyWallSt and the whole #Occupy movement

Somehow the old 60s songs don’t work anymore, because they’re so…old. Or something. Well, fear not, there’s something they now can sing (besides inane chants and droning a repeat of what every speaker says), from Reason.tv (they have full lyrics, … Continue reading

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Yeah, that evil “Corporate Greed”

Nice phone, dork

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Here’s an #OccupyWallSt sign you may have missed

Actually, after events of Saturday, the Occupiers are no doubt tired. Here’s another sign;

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