Bristol Palin uncorks her bad self on a Sarah hater

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I can’t quit smiling! Good girl! Todd Palin and wifey have to be proud of this.

Bristol Palin is just having fun on one of those electric bucking bull things, and when she finally gets tossed off, some loser calls her mother a whore and worse.

Bristol kind of shakes her head as if to say “Here we go again” and curls her finger to say “Come here”. The guy won’t come, so Bristol chases him down, and quite nicely pins his ears back.

Via Right Scoop (who always has the goods).

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4 Responses to Bristol Palin uncorks her bad self on a Sarah hater

  1. Gina says:

    a 47 year old man calling a 21 year old woman a fucking bitch because of who her mom is is just pathetic. Get a life. She was there to have a good time not to be harassed!!

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