Michelle Obama to Barry at 9/11: “All this for a flag…?”

Barry appears to be nodding as if to say; “Yeah, let them have their little ceremony…”

h/t Pamela

From the 9/11 ceremony, a controversy involving Obama and his wife.

Honestly, I don’t read lips, I don’t know for sure that’s what’s being said. She may have been saying “I hate bagpipes.”

Pam says she can hear her speak;

During the 9/11 Ceremony, a microphone was left open.
If you listen carefully, the first lady speaks words better left to silence.
Words which betray either her lack of education, insensitivity to the pain of others or disdain for our country.

I found a different video clip than Pamela’s C-Span grab, maybe check them both and see what you think.


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