The World Trade Center will always be with us – our friends and family, never forgotten

The enemy that tried to destroy us, never forgiven

Forgiveness is the cornerstone of Christianity;

Matt. 6:14; Mark 11:25 • Understand that God forgives us our sins as we forgive others who have sinned against us. Adopt the forgiveness of others into your prayer life as a daily discipline.

Hayford, Jack (2007-10-09). New Spirit Filled Life Bible (NKJV) (Bible Nkjv) (Kindle Locations 150588-150590). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

The people I seem to be having problems forgiving write their jihadist slogans on walls in their victim’s blood – literally. Women and children are forced into service as suicide bombers to kill other women and children. To call myself “conflicted” is understating my spiritual problem. I don’t want to forgive them; I want them dead. No turning the other cheek; exterminate them.

They celebrate the death of innocents by handing out candy

Terrorists can take our lives, but not for long our spirit. They can tear down our buildings, but not forever our resolve. There may be gaps in the resolve we display, but sooner or later it comes roaring back.

They found out the hard way that when they woke the Giant, no place was safe for them forever; nowhere on earth out of reach. Osama bin Laden couldn’t even hide forever, though it seemed like forever to us as the search went on and on.

Why do they hate us, and why did they attack?

We do not believe as the Jihadists do. And that’s why they hate us.

There is a second question that wasn’t asked back after 9/11. “Why do they attack us?” The reason they attack us is that we don’t believe in much of anything, and that makes us weak as a nation.

Not all of us lack belief, we do believe in certain things – some things that make us weak, but also many things that make us stronger than any Jihadist dreaming of “70 Virgins” and fictitious personal rewards will ever be.

We love life, and will sacrifice our own lives to protect the lives of others. They love death, and will sacrifice their own lives to take other’s lives.

Yeah, I know; it’s early morning Sept. 11, 2011 (0230 PDT). I’m tired and probably not making much sense. Sitting in the tow office with my iPhone plugged into the shop’s TV watching the National Geographic documentary “Talibanistanon Netflix. Trying to understand. Trying to make sense. There is no making sense, only killing them before they kill us and may God pick and protect the truly righteous.

Here’s something that cheered me up earlier, though. They knocked down the Twin Towers, but as you can see below, they’ll be with us always…


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  1. javeri says:

    we will never for get about the twin towers we love each and every on who past away and we truly love there familey members

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