Jay Carney, speaking for Obama, makes it clear: The gloves are off against ordinary Americans

At least, the bad ones who don’t blindly follow Obama and all his minions

h/t Texas Galt

Obama apparently stands by any and all negative comments made by his proxies and supporters.

Even though Obama spoke a mere 20 minutes after Jimmy Hoffa at the event in question, he of course, according to Spokesman Jay Carney,  “didn’t hear” the remarks, similar to the way he missed 20 years worth of racist remarks by his pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Seems to me that’s a pretty strong non-repudiation.

Tommy Christopher has the transcript.

Be nice if Obama could at least live up to his own words.

Ace gets to the bottom of it here, Obama wants two sets of rules.

Oh, one late one, Jake Tapper in his own words, calls the new discourse “the Hoffa Standard.”


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