I used to love 24! Just found the original un-aired pilot from 1994

Jack Bauer

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Jack Bauer was bad ass. Using the high tech toys found at CTU, he was able to tap into traffic cameras (almost always Caltrans cameras, because, well, just ‘cuz), satellite feeds, ATM cameras, whatever it took to follow a bad guy anywhere, at any time.

The phone system, of course, could find the President of the US wherever he or she happened to be, and Chloe at CTU was always ready with high-speed internet access to zap out a program or hack into a network, while multitasking on the phone between the President, a dozen other agents, and of course, Jack Bauer who always needed her help, like NOW.

I remember the early 90s, happy with our brand-new IBM 486 PC with its whopping 4 mb RAM and cavernous 100 mb hard drive, modem that screamed at 1200 baud. Teh awesome!

The high tech of 1994, sadly, wasn’t up to snuff for what Jack Bauer needed to do his job, so the “pilot” that was made for that time period would never air.

The technology wouldn’t catch up until November of 2001.

Okay, this is what it would have looked like, back then, but remember when 24 was about to launch? It was right after 9/11, and I remember vaguely hearing lefties screaming about how it would “unfairly stigmatize” Muslims to have them portrayed as terrorists so soon after a deranged offshoot of that religion blew up the World Trade Center. Funny how few actual Islamic terrorists there were in 7 seasons of 24…


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