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Wall Street wakes up: they don’t want to be eaten last by the alligator – or at all

About time I’ve wondered what possible reason anyone not involved in the Green Energy scam would have for supporting Obama and the Democrats when clearly they support their own demise by doing so. Guess they thought the gator would eat them … Continue reading

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At last! William Shatner has a new album coming out!

I love this guy! I couldn’t sit and listen to hours of his singing, but I love the way he just goes full-bore into new things and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. H/t Michelle Kube Kelly

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*Yawn* Iran to send it’s MASSIVE Naval Might to US Waters

The US Navy makes overseas deployment LOOK easy… …so easy even the Ayatollahs can do it; The Iranian navy plans to move naval vessels out of the Persian Gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, “near maritime borders of the United States,” … Continue reading

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What Maxine Waters doesn’t get about Obama

Obama doesn’t need to work for the black vote, he already HAS it. Weird that Mad Maxine wouldn’t know that. Maybe she just wants to get the pecking order back in her favor; Ed Morrissey thinks that the Congressional Black … Continue reading

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New Photo released of The (infamous) Obama Wave at the UN

h/t Michelle Malkin Via Michael Deppisch UPDATE I found the original un-retouched photo

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Bristol Palin uncorks her bad self on a Sarah hater

I can’t quit smiling! Good girl! Todd Palin and wifey have to be proud of this. Bristol Palin is just having fun on one of those electric bucking bull things, and when she finally gets tossed off, some loser calls … Continue reading

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Allen West – “We don’t need to look to…DC for role models…look to your dads”

Via the Right Scoop Allen West, at a CBC event, was asked if he would encourage those in his party to support Obama as a role model for black children. In answering the question, Allen West gets to the core … Continue reading

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