Challenging the Status Quo is suddenly unfashionable

I say “suddenly”, but this has been a slow intrusion on our first amendment rights for years by the leftist and liberal Democrats. You speak against their agenda and they demonize you with whatever box they can put you in that fits; be it the “racist” box, whatever.

The so-called “Tea Party” is one example of that box. It is nothing but ordinary people, a real grass roots movement consisting of folks who are fed up with not only Democrat spending but Republican acquiescence and capitulation to “Big Government” policies. There were no leaders, but as often happens, people with aspirations run immediately to the front of the group and try to harness their power and move them in whatever direction suits their particular purpose. Not leaders; usurpers.

Controlling such a movement proved impossible for and one person or group to achieve, it was like herding cats to even try. They’d simply spinter off and start another group, and another, and another.

One group may like Sarah Palin, another Ron Paul, another Rick Perry, and another likes nobody.

The movement itself scares the living hell out of Democrat leadership because they recognize it for what it truly is; the real deal – the closest thing they’ve seen since the sixties. Believe me, they’re trying to gin up their own movement (see Coffee Party), but a grass roots movement is bottom up, not top down. It can’t be faked.

“Humanity is the incarnation of freedom, and the state is the negation of freedom.” says Judge Andrew Napolitano in the clip below. “The tea party today is vilified for challenging the status quo and the rotting political structure around us.”

What he says in this video is important to pass on and remember. Whatever you may think of Andrew Napolitano, he gets it right here.

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