Red Eye’s Andy Levy issues an apology for ever having “dissed’ Chris Brown

In 2009, as TMZ got wind of Chris Brown being investigated for assault on a woman that police initially refused to identify.

Turns out, it was his girlfriend Rihanna that Brown beat up, on their way to an appearance at the Grammy Awards which subsequently (no surprise), they failed to show up for.

Today, all seems to be forgotten. Chris Brown is forgiven by Hollywood, and thousands of adoring-but-insane teen girls who mostly don’t have the first clue about abusive men. Not yet.

His defenders started in almost immediately as Brown himself downplayed the incident [My emphasis];

But it is not what he did after the crime, but rather how he acted that I really want to talk about, and perhaps more importantly how his fans reacted. It is the reaction of the public and Chris Brown’s almost nonchalant attitude towards the “altercation” (his words, not mine) that really ignited my anger. With people rushing to his defense and speculating all of the vicious words Rihanna must have screamed at him in order to make him “lose his cool.” The very idea that someone could defend an assailant and blame the victim disgusts me. It goes against every organization aimed at educating people about physical abuse, it spits in the face of women’s shelter that protect battered women, and it says a lot about what we celebrate as a society. Is it enough to ignore his brutal crimes because he can produce a number one hit?

Well, Andy Levy didn’t forget, and he took a shot the other day as Chris Brown was playing on Twitter.

The Tweet;

Brown’s adoring fans responded thus;

While most of the tweets in the stream involved barely-thought-out grammatical nightmares like “your dumb” or “grow up already how old r u,” there are a few stand-out themes: that Levy was on To Catch a Predator (because he’s “too old” to be on Twitter), that he is gay, that his dislike of Chris Brown is symptomatic of being an employee at Fox News. And then there are Chris Brown fans calling for someone to “punch [Levy] in the face” and warning that he may “get robbed,” which sort of go to prove his point. A notable side feud also erupted in the feed of Red Eye palAnthony Cumia, who vented his frustration out at Brown fans far more vocally (and profanely) than Levy did.

One can only hope nobody we know was in that stream.

h/t It’s Only Words


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2 Responses to Red Eye’s Andy Levy issues an apology for ever having “dissed’ Chris Brown

  1. sad says:

    I do not think this is funny at all. In no way do i defined the crime that Chirs Brown committed. But i can see that so many people feel it is ok to talk about it as if it is a joke. Do people stop to think about the woman that was hurt from this and as many times as you bring this up she relives it feeling the pain from it. It is not FUNNY. And this is why woman dont say anything and take it. This is very sad.

    • But yet people think it’s okay to completely ignore what Chris Brown did, let him go on with his life as if nothing happened at all?

      As to Rihanna being forced to “relive it” by my posting my disgust at Chris Brown, maybe it would be therapeutic for her to warn her many fans to stay away from punks like Brown?

      Just sayin’…

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