Rick Perry is in, and his first commercial is out

20110813-050206.jpgToday was the game changer pretty much everyone expected it would be. Governor of Texas Rick Perry formally announced his candidacy for President at the Red State Gathering in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, also as expected, Ron Paul supporters flooded the Iowa Straw Poll with supporters and votes, thereby finishing second behind Michele Bachmann.

Yeah, I think she’d make a fine VP for Perry, or even President if Perry implodes somehow.

Meanwhile, Perry asks the question many of us have been asking since 2009; “Is this the change you voted for in 2008?”

I’d like to think by now many have opened their eyes.

Governor Perry’s campaign site is up and running.


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5 Responses to Rick Perry is in, and his first commercial is out

  1. Nice post, Towdog. And great ad from Perry. I like your pick of Bachmann for VP.

  2. Sorry to see this alignment; hope you figure out his background in time to stop him. Maybe you don’t know about the Trans Texas Corridor, Gardasil, and his real economic record in Texas????

    • Well, I’m not looking for perfect, just better than the rest. And ANYONE is better than the rock in there now.

      Not even settled on Rick Perry yet, long way off until the California Primary.

    • E Pluribus Unum says:

      Yes, we know all about that. In particular, I know about his “real economic record in Texas”, since I live here. So far the screaming, spittle-flecked commies are yipping about the so-called “only burger flipper jobs”, to which I say (a) that is bull, TX is the biggest computer industry center outside of Silicon Valley, and (b) burger-flipper jobs as a sign of economic turnaround were all the rage when McDonalds decided to have that big hire a few months back, and (c) the great majority of the 50 states aren’t adding new jobs – not even burger flipper jobs.

      The other silly statement, that Texas is only doing so well because of the booming oil industry — oh, you mean, all the drilling and refining that the administration refuses to allow? THAT booming oil industry? Get a clue.

      Balanced budgets? Check. Shooting down union efforts to plunder the rainy day fund for the unionized teachers? Check. [and by the way, how many states actually *have* a rainy day fund?] Embroiled in a near-shooting war with EPA over barack’s open season regulatory warfare on Texas? Check. Tort reform with loser-pays? Check. Most business-friendly climate in America? Check..

      You got a better candidate, or are you just attacking the conservatives?

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