Rick Santelli schools Ezra Klein about money not moving “Fairly”

Ezra Klein is one who’ll never understand the world beyond what some college professor told him once or twice.

“The system, young Ezra, is inherently unfair. It’s up to you to see to it that money is forcibly taken from the evilll rich and the wealth is spread around equitably. Read Alinsky. Robin Hood. Misdirect. Now go!”

Rich Santelli, on the other hand, has been a maker of money, starting at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1979. Making money, not just talking about it.

Now here’s young Ezra, going to tell Rick Santelli how the world really works from the perspective of a college brat who’s allowance is late arriving and he’s cursing his parents for not getting it to him sooner.

Will young Ezra ever grow up and pay attention to guys like Santelli who’ve been there-done that?

Nope. Not as long as there is profit in pushing a leftist party line.

h/t Ed Morrissey

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