“I’ve been left at the altar” in debt talks – Obama

Get a grip!

20110725-021423.jpgWhen trying to strike a deal with an ideologue who refuses to budge, do you keep banging your head on his desk, or leave and find another way?

That’s the situation Rep. Boehner is in this week. The situation in trying to deal with Obama has gotten so bad, in fact, Boehner has even seemingly had better luck in dealing with Reid and Pelosi instead.

That’s worse than bad.

In Obama’s Friday meltdown, he thrashed the GOP for not even trying;

President Barack Obama’s negotiating strategy on the debt ceiling has failed, leaving him at the White House podium on Friday at 6:30 p.m. blaming Republicans and complaining, “I’ve been left at the altar.”
A visibly angry Obama criticized Republicans’ opposition to tax increases, saying that was the reason for the breakdown.
Although both sides came close on proposed spending cuts, “there has been a consistency on our part … [that] there has to be some balance in the process.” Obama and his deputies have long used “balance” as a euphemism for tax increases.

Is Obama just being his normal petulant self? Or are there other motives?

The constant maneuvering between the two sides resembles tactics more about blame avoidance than avoiding becoming Greece.

I know this is hard for most Liberals and Leftists to swallow, in both political parties, but we have to actually cut spending significantly to save the ship we’re in; which means most of the goodies they fought hard for over the last two years have to go bye bye.

If they want to exchange that for more taxes, then they get to watch more of us become unemployed. It’s that simple.

Somebody has to pay the bills. Is it going to be tax PAYERS, or tax TAKERS?

Somehow I doubt people on 99+ weeks of unemployment are going to chip away much at the debt.


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