Suddenly John F’n Kerry is a Constitutionalist?

Who jolted Kerry back to life, anyway?

20110721-033648.jpgA high-up member of the Democrat party, the party responsible for most of the destruction of our society and thwarting of the Constitution, suddenly now wants to tell us what the Founding Fathers would be for or against?

“As I have said in the past, the most compelling argument against this amendment doesn’t come from me or from anyone on the floor. It actually comes from the real experts, the people who framed the Constitution of the United States. If they were here on the Senate floor today, they would against this amendment because it violates the Constitution’s basic tenet which is major rule,” Sen. Kerry said on the floor of the Senate.

See the video.


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2 Responses to Suddenly John F’n Kerry is a Constitutionalist?

  1. Sago.Com says:

    Since when is Major(ity) rule the basic tenet of the US Constitution? I thought preservation of liberty was its purpose.
    You’re right, Kerry is a F’n moron.

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