Angry about Casey Anthony? Be angry about Humberto Leal Garcia instead

Yeah, I think Casey Anthony got away with murder, and she was found “Not Guilty” [not “innocent”, but “Not Guilty“] by a jury. Some are arguing (one of whom was Alan Dershowitz of OJ Simpson fame today on talk radio) that it’s better that one guilty person goes free than an innocent go to prison; I’ll agree with that, but only because I believe there is Justice beyond this Earth and people like Casey Anthony will face Final Judgment in the end. We won’t see it or be satisfied here on Earth today, but no one lives forever, not even the guilty who go free.

Nobody can be blamed for being angry about the probably guilty going free, but there is something worse (believe it or not) going on that isn’t going to likely be on the evening news.

A leftist ideologue chief executive here in the United States is actively campaigning to stop the execution of a Mexican national who was convicted of the brutal rape and murder of a 16 year old girl in San Antonio, Texas back in 1994. When I say “brutal”, I’d like to spare you the details, but I can’t do that. Skip ahead past the blockquotes if you don’t want to know;

In the early hours of May 21, 1994, 16-year-old Adria Sauceda and dozens of others attended a raucous Southside house party on Vincent Street, where witnesses reported seeing a dazed Sauceda — pumped full of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana — pulled to the backyard. There she was stripped and circled by eight or nine men, each “taking turns” on the disoriented teenager. Friends who came to her aid were told to shut up, drink, and quit spoiling the party.

Humberto Leal later abducted this already brutally savaged teenager and raped her some more before finally ending your misery by crushing in her skull with a 35 lb chunk of asphalt. When police found her dead and ravaged body on the side of the dirt road where Leal left her, there was still a large stick that had a screw protruding from it that Leal left jammed up her lifeless body after he raped her with it.

Late in June of this year, a federal judge refused to stop the execution of Garcia, which is scheduled to take place July 7 – Thursday of this week. Death not by bashing his skull in, or penetrating his orifices with foreign objects, but death by just going to sleep and not waking up; lethal injection. Read more here if you want particulars.

The US “chief executive” in this case, siding with the despicable people trying to help this brutal murderer, is of course the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States of America; the one person in the United States you would hope would be representing US legal interests, rather than the interests of foreign-born nationals in the United States illegally. It is, of course, Barack Hussein Obama.

Getting tired of his working against the United States rather than for the United States yet?

Here’s what Obama is doing to attempt to get this murderer released (Via the UK Guardian);

President Barack Obama is attempting to block the execution in Texas on Thursday of a Mexican man because it would breach an international convention and do “irreparable harm” to US interests.

The White House has asked the US Supreme Court to put the execution of Humberto Leal Garcia on hold while Congress passes a law that would prevent the convicted rapist and murderer from being put to death along with dozens of other foreign nationals who were denied proper access to diplomatic representation before trials for capital crimes.

The administration moved after the governor of Texas, Rick Perry,brushed aside appeals from diplomats, top judges, senior military officers, the United Nations and former president George W Bush to stay Leal’s execution because it could jeopardise American citizens arrested abroad as well as US diplomatic interests.

Read More-

The argument from the left, such as the Texas ACLU, is that by executing Garcia, US citizens will be placed in grave danger abroad (as if US citizens in Mexico aren’t in danger as it is) by denying the “Mexican citizen” his right “…under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to seek assistance and legal counsel from the Mexican consulate.”

On the other hand, being here since age 2, Garcia should just be granted US citizenship, according to these same leftists. But I’m going off on a tangent…

Instead of the ACLU and Obama hand-wringing over a convicted murderer, maybe they could pay a little attention to the victims?

Every morning as Rene Sauceda gets ready for the day, he pulls a South San Antonio High School newspaper dated May 25, 1995, out of his closet.

It was published just after the first anniversary of his daughter Adria’s death and about a month before the capital murder trial of Humberto Leal Jr., the man suspected of killing her, was set to begin.

The South San newspaper is folded to reveal a specific ad on a page’s bottom corner. “In memory of Adria Sauceda,” it begins. Her dates of birth and death — Jan. 27, 1978, and May 21, 1994 — are in small type near the end.

“I look at that every day,” Sauceda, 64, said as his fingers smoothed the pages. “Her friends paid to have that put in the paper. She had so many friends.”

In the 17 years since Adria was found bludgeoned to death with a rock and left naked on a dirt road after being sexually assaulted with a stick, her family has kept silent, even as efforts to stay Leal’s execution, set for Thursday, have grown louder amid a tug-of-war over the right of foreign suspects to be offered access to their consulates.

Updates here-

The only advocates for the victims seem to be The Texas parole board, the Texas Attorney General, and Governor Rick Perry (so far);

“At this point, it is clear that Leal is attempting to avoid execution by overwhelming the state and the courts with as many meritless lawsuits and motions as humanly possible,” Stephen Hoffman, an assistant Texas attorney general, told the court Tuesday in a brief opposing appeals to stop Leal’s execution.

Read more-

Working against the State of Texas and the legal citizens of the United States (once again), Barack Obama and his henchman Eric Holder. Is that even a surprise anymore? The fact that the two people most expected to uphold law and order would consistently end up the two most often trying to undermine the rule of law to benefit their own leftist ideology?

Again, elections have consequences, and votes cast in favor of candidates who make us “feel good”, or who don’t have a big ol’ goiter on their cheeks (because of cancer), or don’t get trashed on Saturday Night Live and the Nightly News; these votes harm us all in the end.

Let’s not make that mistake again.

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26 Responses to Angry about Casey Anthony? Be angry about Humberto Leal Garcia instead

  1. Bangst says:

    Unfortunately this suspect falls into a category of, quote, “foreign nationals who were denied proper access to diplomatic representation before trials for capital crimes.” Which means a ball was dropped way before OUR PRESIDENT ‘s involvement, leaving him the with the unfortunate task of trying to avert a situation that could bring ‘supposed’ long term international consequences. You see, this would be one of those HARD CALLS that you, you misguided rabble-rousing jerk, should be greatful that you don’t have to make. Even suggesting that OUR PRESIDENT or any other person who has sworn to protect and serve us would take pleasure in having to come to the aid of a monster like this is reckless and irresponsible. Our justice system does stink overall for many reasons but the thread that MUST be preserved is the right to DUE PROCESS, ESPECIALLY for those we plan to put to death. When any suspect is not afforded their right to adequate counsel/representation it is an official statement from our system that true justice is not an interest. There are laws on the books for the overall good of international diplomacy that far pre-date Obama that demand we tread lightly and remain comprehensive in capital matters that involve foreign citizens. Keep in mind that if this guy were some kind of prince or other foreign government leader he would never have even been placed under arrest. And that’s a dreadful arrangement created long before OUR CURRENT LEADER was in office & will still be in place long after he’s gone. Unless you can provide some kind of proof of Obama smuggling this man into our country & giving him a pass to rape & kill you should be more careful of the stones you cast at OUR PRESIDENT. This unfortunate situation once again puts him in one of the toughest of spots, CLEANING UP SOMEONE ELSE’S MESS, and you should show a lot more RESPECT for the people who have to make the hard choices you’ll never have to see. All of you ‘let’s hate on Obama for the sake of hating’ brigade are getting quite BORING. And it’s amusing that those of you who are screaming the loudest don’t even have the BALLS to run for ANY office, let alone the intellectual or demonstrative abilities to hold one down.

    • rascaltherat says:

      Boy o boy, bangst, you are a really articulate and well-read, with impeccable spelling and grammer, IDIOT.

    • Ok, at work now so don’t have all the time I’d like to shred your idiocy, but if you want my qualifications to respond to an inadequate “President”, and I have to have run for some public office to do so, you can kiss my butt. I served over 20 years in the military, was under fire in a combat zone (serving under a *real* Commander in Chief) in 2003. Yes, counting on your fingers, that would be Bush), so if you don’t mind I think I qualify despite never served as a hack career politician with no real world experience like the one you defend here.
      First, make up your mind; Garcia has been here since age 2, half the time “you people” seem to think that makes them citizens already. Except for the other half of the time when you find they’re in legal trouble, then they’re suddenly Mexican nationals and need to see the consulate.
      While you and yours whine and cry about “due process”, you might stop to consider he WAS found guilty, after proper legal proceedings, of the horrific murder of a little kid. That ever enter into any of your leftist ideals or equations?
      Would it make a difference if you knew the victim was a little Hispanic girl? Or would seeing her murderer’s killer have his sentence commuted and his crimes go unpunished be “acceptable for the greater cause”?
      Bah…I have a job.

    • Eric says:

      Why, you slime-slurping, scum-skimming, silt-sifting, bottom-browsing, liberal looneytoon! How dare you impugn the integrity of one so observant and erudite as Mr. Brockway, who has ventured far more for his nation than your kind could even comprehend.

      • Grampop, you said you wouldn’t do that to the slime-slurping, scum-skimming, silt-sifting, bottom-browsing, liberal looneytoons on my blog anymore…

  2. ladypenquin says:

    This guy got more than “due process.” He got 17 more years of life than the teenage girl, who died a horrific death. Your president, Obama, is doing this for political points to gain votes. You think Mexico cares about this? What should we fear from them in retaliation? More illegals scumbags coming across the border? More headless victims in Mexico and the U.S.? At least, the U.S. still has some semblance of law and order…

    BTW, I view Obama’s trying to intercede for this guy as evidence of the depths this president will sink to in achieving his political agenda.

    • Lisa says:

      Humberto Leal is a piece of shit that deserves just what he got. The death penalty. Obama shouldnt interfere in the justice little Adria deserves. She didnt get due process, she had no second chance he made sure of that. When people get thrown in jail in Mexico they play hell getting out even when they are innocent, like the case of Kim White who was caught with presciption drugs she had filled in Mexico. She was 21. They threw her in jail and didnt give her her asthma meds and kept her for years. When she was finally released she died weeks later in her daddy arms due to the treatment she got in jail. Humberto admintted to the crime and was caught with her blood all over his truck and her bloody clothes. So who gives a shit what Mexico wants for the justice of their thugs.

      • I saw an interesting Tweet earlier;

        En este preciso momento, Humberto Leal García inicia el sueño del que ya no despertará. Dormir, morir, tal vez soñar.

        Roughly translated;

        Right now, Humberto Leal García began the dream of that will not wake up. Sleeping, dying, perhaps dreaming.

        So I added;

        RT @QueCreen: En este preciso momento, Humberto Leal García inicia el sueño del que ya no despertará. Dormir… Then he wakes up in hell

        Yeah, sweet dreams, jerk. Enjoy your wake-up call too, Humberto.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I love how Bangst caps OUR PRESIDENT like he/she needs to remind us who our overlord is.

    Erick, loved your post (and your rebuttal to bangst) and I am in total agreement. And thanks for your service to OUR country.

  4. Steven says:

    Um … if this is such a leftist agenda, what do you make of George W. Bush taking the same position as Obama? You kinda glossed over that inconvenient fact, huh? Last I checked, GW is far from a card-carrying member of any leftist organization. And what do you, a former military man, make of this?

    “As retired military leaders, we understand that the preservation of consular access protections is especially important for US military personnel, who when serving our country overseas are at greater risk of being arrested by a foreign government,” wrote Rear Admiral Don Guter, USN, Rear Admiral John D. Hutson, USN, and Brigadier General James P. Cullen, USA in a letter to Perry. (See

    You’re grossly over-simplifying the issues. It’s not a matter of looking out for the interests of Leal Garcia. It’s a matter of looking out for the interests of U.S. citizens who travel abroad — whether for leisure or in service of their country, ensuring that they get consular access when they’re detained. Kinda tricky to ask other countries to do that for our citizens when we’re executing foreign citizens without according them the very right we’re demanding for our citizens.

    Curious to know what your position would be if one of your kids were detained while serving as a military contractor in, say, Pakistan, and the Pakistani government did not advise your kid that he or she was entitled to contact the U.S. Consulate.

    • Erick Brockway says:

      First of all as regards former President Bush, I didn’t think much of him as a “conservative”, pushing what amounted to Amnesty is a prime example.

      Second, I’ve never heard of any of those “former military leaders”, but having met a few of the current ones it wouldn’t surprise me to find out a few retired ones were liberals.

      And since you asked, if one of my kids did what your man Garcia did I would grieve them as already having died.

    • Steven says:

      But, again, that’s not the point, right? Obviously, if one of your kids were to commit the same heinous acts, he or she should deserve no sympathy. The point, however, is that U.S. citizens — tourists, government contractors, soldiers — find themselves all the time in countries that do not have as robust a legal system as we do — countries, like, say Pakistan, Afghanistan or China. Suppose you’re an American military contractor hired by the CIA to protect American diplomats in Pakistan. While you’re minding your own business, two Pakistanis try to rob you, and you shoot them dead in self defense. The Pakistani government detains you, and they’re not eager to help you given the mob calling for your head because you’ve just killed two Pakistanis, albeit in self defense. (In fact, something very much like this happened recently.) You’re in dire need of assistance from the U.S. Consulate to free you from what may soon be a black hole. But the Pakistani government does not tell you that you are entitled to contact your consulate and refuses to permit that contact. You’re kinda screwed, no? Wouldn’t it be helpful to reach out to your government and ask them to get you out of that mess? It’s not a matter of looking out for Leal Garcia. It’s a matter of looking out for ordinary, law-abiding Americans who may get jammed up by foreign governments.

      I don’t think anyone is arguing with the premise that Leal Garcia deserves no sympathy. But there are costs and benefits associated with all our actions. The benefit from executing Leal Garcia is outweighed by the cost of damage to American international relations, which is very likely to put regular, law-abiding Americans in jeopardy when they’re abroad.

      • We should hope to get the same breaks that Garcia got; 17 years of appeals, represented for free by probably some of the best legal minds around. Four times he’s been to the highest court in this land, most recently today. Every time he’s been denied relief. Stopping his execution today isn’t going to do anything for any American citizen stuck in similar circumstances overseas. Not one damn thing.

        As I write this, he has about 10 minutes to live. Good riddance.

  5. Jason Rogers says:

    Can you provide a link to your screed against George W. Bush for taking the exact same position both while in office and afterward? Given your obvious reverence for intellectual honesty, I’m sure it’s here somewhere. Right? Thanks.

    • Steven says:

      Take a look above. The keeper of this blog very helpfully provided the quotation. It appears you missed it, too.

      “The administration moved after the governor of Texas, Rick Perry,brushed aside appeals from diplomats, top judges, senior military officers, the United Nations and former president George W Bush to stay Leal’s execution because it could jeopardise American citizens arrested abroad as well as US diplomatic interests.”

    • Jason Rogers says:

      Steven, my post was not directed at you but at the blogger.

      • Bush isn’t President today, is he? If he were I’d take the same position I’m taking today.

        I was asleep like most of the country when this crap was initially going on, but I’m not anymore. Bush actually woke me up when he tried pushing amnesty a few years ago, and I took a strong stand against him then.

        I really don’t care what President did what back then, I can’t change the past. If I can affect the present for the better I will.

        Let me ask you guys something; if he HAD contacted the consulate back then, do you really think it would’ve affected the outcome of the trial? I don’t. He’d still be frying today.

        And Steven, I heard Bush came out again TODAY trying to stop the execution. He cam KMA too. I never claimed he was anything but a good CinC, and that’s a different argument.

  6. Karen says:

    If the Mexicans want to live in the US they have to follow our laws. The come to the US and think that they can commit robberies, rapes and murders. If he has been here since the age of 2…why isn’t he a US citizen? Quit blaming Obama for every bad thing that happens. He is trying to follow the law. If it were my daughter who was raped & killed by this monster…I would want him to be put to death. It is only a shame that we cannot do to him what he did to this child.

    • Quit blaming Obama for every bad thing that happens. He is trying to follow the law.

      Blaming him only for trying to get the execution stopped. He can butt out and let Texas carry out the sentence.

  7. Confused yet clear says:

    I am confused on a few points and hope that someone out there might have some answers. Does the law protecting foreign nationals apply to illegals? If we are purporting that we are protecting our citizens from being mistreated in foreign countries, I would simply advise US citizens to refrain from entering other countries illegally. If they are there legally, then they should have all the appropriate protection. If you are there illegally, then being treated unfairly is just another risk you’ve taken after already breaking a pretty important immigration law. I think it is important to protect the rights of foreign nationals who are here legally in the event that they have broken a law unintentionally. However, illegals should not have the same rights. I understand that our economy rests on the backs of their inexpensive and tax free labor, and shame on us for that. Nevertheless, there needs to be some limit to the concessions they receive in this country. I think free education without having to pay taxes, free medical care without having to have insurance, and the most important perk of all: not having to fill out any of the nasty paperwork that goes along with those two privileges for the rest of us should be enough. Raping and murdering our children should not be considered a perk of being in our country illegally. If you cross our borders without permission, you have left your rights on the other side.

    • John Kostrubal says:

      Excellent point ! Where has personal responsibility gone in this country .
      Why it took 17 years for this animal to be put to death is be on me .
      Since 9/11, more Americans have been murdered by foreigners in our nation illegally, than have died in Iraq, Afganistan and the 9/11 disaster COMBINED !
      I say, execute him and dump his body back in Mexico as a warning .
      Of course our Administration, the ACLU and La Raza (the race) would have a field day with this . Ask the family of the victim if this is to harsh !

  8. pas n tru says:

    And God said! “whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man. He didn’t ask if their rights had been read, or if they had talked to their consulate, And He Didn’t ask if they were illegal or not, In the original greek and hebrew text, The Lord says, thou shall not commit murder. When we obey God’s law and execute judgement on an individual like this, It’s not murder, It’s God’s law.

    • Erick Brockway says:

      Yeah, I know eventually there’ll be justice in this case, and I’ll probably never know the result. It’ll be between her and God.

  9. jerry loper says:

    so this animal lived here for 20 years, went to our schools, learned to read and write english, so he clearly understood the laws of this state and country, hogwash for the excuses to those in the govt trying to stop this execution

  10. Bangst says:

    Bottom line, the man should get his diplomatic representation like the law states & then be retried; that way when we fry his pathetic ass we will be 100% in the right. Our judicial track record sucks as of late & we can’t afford too many more sloppy mistakes. Damn shame what happened to that girl, however, one could ask what the HELL she was doing DRINKING, SMOKING WEED & SNORTING COCAINE at a party with adults, especially one’s she obviously did’nt know?!!

    • Yeah, that’d be awesome. Put her family through yet another trial; good thinking.
      Best thing is fry him today (today’s the day!), and do a better job with the next murdering scum-sucking rat.

      If you’re suggesting that girl somehow brought this on herself by being where she shouldn’t, that’s just sick.

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