THIS is why I oppose all the government freebies

Sooner or later it becomes unaffordable and away it goes

As a people become accustomed (read as “addicted”) to government handouts and goodies, someday the day comes when, during an inevitable downturn in the economy, a government’s revenue stops matching it’s expenditures.

The liberal answer, as always, is increase taxes. Damn the fact that taking more from people causes them to spend less and hurts the economy further, tax increases is option 1.

The people nearly always reject being taxed more, so the liberal wants to borrow more and more until that’s no longer an option for a country as nobody wants to buy their bonds. Why buy them if the country can’t afford to pay them back when they mature?

Then you get Greece;

AFP – Greece ground to a halt Tuesday as angry workers launched a 48-hour general strike against an austerity drive ordered by its bankruptcy-threatened government in exchange for a European bailout.

Looks like a great possible future for the US, doesn’t it?


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