Andrew Klavan has a proposal for Middle East peace that will work!

Leave it to Klavan to find the answers that our own President can’t seem to find…


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3 Responses to Andrew Klavan has a proposal for Middle East peace that will work!

  1. LOL.. funny and ignorant but cleverly done NaZionist propaganda. If anything, Israel is hell-bent on annihilating Palestinians through its ethnic cleansing practices. Freedom of religion in Israel? What a laugh.. Moozlems can’t even go pray at their Aqsa Mosque. Nor can Palestinians outside of Jerusalem…

    Oy Vey you Jooz!

    • Moozlems can’t even go pray at their Aqsa Mosque.

      Proves nothing you say can be trusted, and that you know nothing about the subject.

      The Al-Aqsa Mosque today not only has “Moozlems” praying there, they charge tourists to visit.

      Ethnic cleansing? Where have ANY Jews in modern times done anything remotely like that? On the other hand, there are plenty of instances where Muslim extremists attempt to kill anyone who doesn’t pray the way they do, including other Muslims.

      Guess you probably think Hitler had the right idea, huh?

  2. Eric,

    I’m shocked at your ignorance and disconnect from reality! You must be a Zionist Hasbara-sist or live in the West with totally muddled mind. Have you been to Jerusalem? Have you noticed the check points that prevent certain age groups from entering Al Aqsa? How about Palestinians from Ramallah or Gaza? Here’s something to whet your appetite:

    Any Palestinian not in living in Jerusalem and between the age of 30-45 is prevented from entering Al Aqsa. One needs special permits which take forever to process and in 99% of the time are rejected!

    And your utter ignorance of Israeli Jewish extremism and their ethnic cleansing practices are known all over the world! Since 1946 and the thugs who escaped Zionist and Nazi execution and came to Palestine, exercised the same violent and terrorist tactics of the Germans they once suffered from, but now they directed them at Palestinians. This is also documented by the terroist Jewish and Israeli leaders like Ben Guirion and his followers – like Hagana and Irgun. Go read some history: even your own. Read Illan Pappe, Dr. Sand and others who wrote and exposed more about this: and yes they are Israelis!

    In Jerusalem alone, if a Palestinian leaves the city (say for education or work abroad), s/he is prevented from returning to the city and “gives up” their Jerusalem ID card! If a Palestinian from Jerusalem wants to marry outside of Jerusalem, his spouse may NOT enter or reside in Jerusalem. This is the Israeli barbaric and ethnic cleansing laws… to make Jerusalem 100% Jewish.


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