We’re not exactly alone in Afghanistan

Even though sometimes it feels that way

There’s a tendency here in the U.S. to think after all these years we’ve somehow been going at it alone in the war on terror, but the truth is, it’s still a coalition of forces from 48 nations.

While not all are in a combat role, some that are that may surprise you include Germany and France. Why do I say you may be surprised? Noting the news we’ve been privy to here at home about “massive” protests of “thousands of people” decrying Afghanistan deployments would lead one to believe that the nations involved are turning against fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Well, whatever the situation is in their respective home countries, the troops stationed there are still fighting and dying as ours are.

See if they look familiar…

Yeah they talk funny and have weird looking weapons, but they don’t seem to be running away…

Neither are the Germans…

Of course, you know these guys;

Here’s a tribute to all of them on this coming Memorial Day, remember them;

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