Manbearpig; “Gaia smiteth thee!”

First, I make no attempt to make light of the horrors facing our brothers and sisters in Alabama or anywhere else down south.

I will, however, faithfully report the left’s ongoing attempt to connect “Climate Changetm” to any natural disaster, up to and including earthquakes.

Today, however, its tornadoes.

In an attempt to possibly “get even” with what the left perceives as a US South full ofbible-thumping hypocrites, the spate of disasters hitting the southern states is suspiciously like “somebody somewhere teaching someone a lesson”.

In a piece at “Think Progress” titled Catastrophic Climate: Storms Kill 292 In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers, the left can’t help but notice most of the destruction occurred in states…well, read the title.

The jammie-clad one notes;

Our fellow Americans are digging through the rubble and mourning the dead, and the thugs at Think Progress are politicizing a tragedy. These people have no shame. They’re truly evil.

They never miss an opportunity to follow Rahm Emmanuel’s advice on following up good crisis with some political talking point to promote their agenda.

No apologies from the left, though;

No matter. Being a Soros-funded smear merchant means never having to say you’re sorry.

The fact is, the progressive left and their Democrat allies are all about power and control; power to control you and your money. The liberals will help them push an agenda that includes “Global Warming” or any of a variety of fashionable names or causes for more than one reason alone, but high among their reasons is to show that they care more than you. Its all about them and wanting to feel important, even if the cause proves to be false; they’ll never give up on it because to do so would invalidatethem and how they perceive themselves. Nowhere (except the rare Ed Begley, Jr (who is the rare one who actually walks the talk) do you see a liberal who will really give up his or her conveniences, they just want you to.

h/t Malkin.

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2 Responses to Manbearpig; “Gaia smiteth thee!”

  1. jonolan says:

    These so-called Progressives and all the Warmists are the avowed enemies of the American people, of course they crow over any of being killed or having our lives disrupted. That’s what enemies do and it’s foolish to expect otherwise.

    They are the enemy and should be treated as such in all manners and with all options on the table at all times.

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