Obama’s in your fridge, now…

When I was in Iraq in 2003, I swore two things;

1) I’d never go camping in the desert again.

2) I’d always have ice in my house for cold drinks. Always. Period.

One of my first purchases when we came home in August of that year was a new refrigerator WITH built-in ice maker.

Mission Accomplished.

I hope that thing never breaks down (again), because soon Obama will rig it so I never get another one;

Ice makers are the latest target in the left’s ongoing war against the conveniences of modern life. Earlier this month, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report that may condemn this essential household item to the contraband list that already includes functional light bulbs, toilets, washing machines and showerheads.

Those looking for an easy way to cool down their drinks with ice cubes are guilty of increasing their refrigerator’s energy consumption by about 12 to 20 percent. That’s unacceptable to global-warming alarmists at the Department of Energy (DOE) who are hard at work finalizing regulatory standards for the fridge. The proposed changes will increase prices by an estimated $2 billion per year, but DOE justifies this added expense by claiming consumers would save $37 in electricity costs over the lifetime of a typical side-by-side.

Hear that? Okay…”read” that? I even highlighted it.

With every ice maker in America rudely yanked from our collective kitchen fridges, the total cost probably wouldn’t even touch the cost of one Obama Pizza Dash mission to Chicago.

But rest assured, he won’t take away your ice makers, he’ll only make it so costly for manufacturers to make them it won’t be worth it. Read further;

Distributing a product that fails to meet with Ms. Hogan’s [Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan] approval carries a typical fine of $7,300 per item. That adds up quickly. Last year, DOE accused a company of producing a showerhead that worked a little bit too well. For this “crime,” DOE demanded payment of $1.9 million and destruction of this highly effective product.

That’s per item. Every ice maker found to be even slightly out of compliance could conceivably cost manufacturers millions of dollars, which of course would be passed on to you in higher per-unit costs.

Next target will no doubt be store-bought bagged ice…the sheep are restless…


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2 Responses to Obama’s in your fridge, now…

  1. 1389AD says:

    At least there IS something we all can do about Obama’s fuel price fiasco. It starts with putting the blame exactly where it belongs, on Obama and his administration, and keeping it there, until 2012 and beyond:

    Gas Pump Activism: Print This Poster!

    • He’s killin’ me with his…I’m stuck for a word. I want to say “idiocy”, but he’s no idiot; he knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t care if America falls as long as the leftist agend is accomplished.
      For those who don’t know what I mean by “leftist agenda”: The leftist believes America has had it too good for too long, and its wealth was built on the backs of poor people the world over. With that in mind, the US dollar must be weakened, jobs driven overseas to third world countries so they can prosper, and somehow by tearing this country down all others will somehow be raised up.
      No, we’ll all sink together is what will happen. The leftist forgets or is dismissive of the fact that the “Evil USA” gives more to charity worldwide than any other nation on Earth. With our prosperity in tatters, there’ll be nothing to give. Taxing it from us and giving it to the needy won’t work, because all our tax revenue will have been eaten up by domestic entitlements.
      Okay, so yeah, I’ll go with “he’s an idiot” then.

      That works.

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